You'd think you're the only one who knows where you are hiding your spare key, don't be soo sure!

    Burglars (and yes, even regular people) know the common places where you would hide your spare keys.  Hence, it is not smart to leave your keys in these places.  To make sure that you will not be guessing what these places are, I'm listing down these commonplaces so you don't make the mistake of hiding your spare keys in one of them.  And as a bonus, I'm also going to give you better alternatives to hiding your house key.


    Read on and find out what these are! 


    4 Places Not To Leave Your Key


    When it comes to home security, among the biggest mistakes that people will make is to have a spare house key hidden in a place on their property that is easy to find for criminals. Lots of people like to have a spare key hidden just in case they get locked out of their house, and criminals know that people do this. Making matters worse is the fact that many people that hide a house key do so in a place that is obvious, which makes it easy for a criminal to get into your home. In fact, if you are going to leave a key to your house hidden in an obvious place then you may as well just leave your doors unlocked and invite the bad guys to come inside.

    Another thing that a lot of people don't consider is the fact that many burglars don't pick your house out at random. They target it and spend some time watching to see what you and your family are doing, and figuring out your habits. They will also likely look around to try to find a hidden house key in an obvious place, which is why you need to be smart and avoid leaving a key where it can be easily found. The following are 4 places not to leave your key because doing so will give a criminal easy access to your home.


    Under Your Welcome Mat

    If you care about home security at all then leaving a spare key under your welcome mat is the absolute last thing you ever want to do. Is it convenient to have a house key right by the front door in case you get locked out? Sure it is. But it's also convenient for burglars. In fact, when a burglar is targeting a house they will almost always look for a spare key under the front doormat before they do anything else. Not only does this pose a problem for burglars who are planning a heist in your home, it's also a major security issue for any random person that happens to be snooping around your home. That's what makes leaving a key hidden under your welcome mat such a huge mistake. You are vulnerable not only to professional burglars that plan out a break in meticulously, you are also vulnerable to any random person up to no good that is around your home. The bottom line is leaving a spare key under your welcome mat is probably the single biggest mistake you can make when it comes to home security.

    Under A Potted Plant Near The Front Door

    If you think that leaving your spare key underneath a flower pot or other type of potted plant near your front door is clever then you are sorely mistaken. Many people think that they can leave a key under a potted plant and that criminals generally won't look there. Well, that's a common misconception, and it's one that can end up with you becoming a victim. What you need to remember is that even if you think you are being original when you hide a key outside, you really aren't. Experienced burglars know all of the common places people like to hide keys, and you can bet that they will explore those hiding places when they are trying to gain entry into your home. The bottom line here is that leaving a key hidden underneath of a potted plant near your front door is just about as bad of an idea as leaving one under your welcome mat.

    Inside Of A Fake Rock That Looks Like A Fake Rock

    Using a fake rock as a hiding place for a spare key is definitely a better option than the first two options mentioned above. But does that mean that it's a good idea? Well, that really depends on how much time and effort you put into the process. If you go out and buy a big fake looking fake rock then that's going to draw all kinds of attention to itself making it a clear target for criminals. If you buy a fake rock that looks like a real rock and then has it sitting conspicuously near your front door, then this is also a clear target for criminals. The bottom line here is that using a fake rock to hide your key is not an ideal solution for you. The only way to make a fake rock work as a hiding place for a house key is to get a rock that looks like many others in your yard, and then place it in a group of rocks. Even then this is far from ideal because it's possible that someone will happen upon it, or someone will see you put it there.

    In Your Wallet

    So leaving a house key hidden on your property is a bad idea and after reading the above items most people will recognize that and hopefully avoid making that mistake. To avoid making this mistake a lot of people come up with the idea of keeping a spare key hidden in their wallet. A key is flat and lightweight, and it really won't be much of a bother for you to carry it in your wallet. There's only one major problem with carrying a key in your wallet, you also carry your driver's license, i.d. card, or other documents that have your address on them. So if you lose your wallet, or it is stolen, you have just given a criminal a way into your home while telling them where you live. That's definitely a bad idea, and that's why if you care about home security you will never carry a house key in your wallet with you.

    Better Alternatives To Hiding A House Key

    Being locked out of your home is never fun. It can be difficult to get back inside, and you may end up spending money on a locksmith. Because of this a lot of people hide house keys around their property so they have a way in should something cause them to get locked out. But this is a major home security flaw that criminals can and will take advantage of.

    Instead of leaving a house key hidden on your property you should consider leaving one with a trusted neighbor. Or better yet upgrade your home security system so that you have remote control locks. Whatever decision you make just make sure that you aren't leaving a key to your home hidden where a criminal will easily find it.

    Let me summarize this friendly advice with a nice infographic