Do fake security signs really deter burglars as well as a real alarm system would?

    That's a question that many people looking to save some money often ask when they are concerned about home security, but they don't like the idea of paying for an alarm system. Can an alarm system be expensive? That depends on what your definition of expensive is. You can usually buy and install a non monitored alarm system for under $300. If you decide to go the monitored route your up front cost will be lower, perhaps even nothing, but then you are going to have to make a monthly payment to an alarm company from this point going forward. A better question may involve the costs associated with a break in by a burglar. When you stop and think about the physical damage to your home, the property lost, and the fact that you likely won't feel safe in your home for quite a while, then the cost of an alarm system suddenly doesn't seem so high. Below we'll go over the pros and cons of using a fake alarm company sign instead of using an actual alarm system.

    Pros Of Using A Fake Alarm Sign

    1. It's going to save you money, unless of course your home is broken into. You can usually get a fake security sign for a one time fee of $10 or so. That's a lot less expensive than shelling out $300 for a home alarm system, or paying for ongoing security from an alarm company. If you are willing to roll the dice and manage to avoid a break in, then using a fake security sign can save you a lot of money over the long term.

    2. Another benefit of using a fake alarm sign is that it's going to be an easy solution. If you go with a monthly alarm company then you are going to have to schedule the company to send someone out to install it. This is likely going to take up several hours of your free time. If you decide to install your own alarm system then you are going to have to spend some time installing it. On the other hand if you put up a fake alarm sign you either order one on line or have one printed, then spend two minutes putting it up.

    The Cons Of Using A Fake Alarm Sign

    1. A smart burglar will probably figure out pretty quickly that you are using a fake alarm sign. The problem with using a fake alarm sign is that you aren't allowed to use a sign from a real alarm company. That means that all someone has to do is do a quick internet search and they can find out pretty quickly if a company is legitimate or not.

    2. Even if a burglar doesn't pull out their smart phone and search up information about your so called home alarm company, they can generally spot a fake pretty quickly. If you have a fake alarm sign that looks like a fake alarm sign then you might as well be inviting the bad guys to come in and help themselves to your possessions.

    3. If someone does break into your home then without an alarm system there they can go through your things and take their time taking what they want. Even worse they could still be in your home when you get there, and without an alarm system you won't have any warning that there are potentially dangerous people in your home. Or what happens if they do a home invasion style break in at night while you and your family are sleeping? With no warning coming your way there could be criminals in your home ready, willing, and able to hurt your family.

    Better Alternatives To Using A Fake Alarm System Sign

    1. Get a real alarm system. This should be the most obvious solution here, and it's one that a lot of people should listen to. Sure it's going to cost you some time and money to get an alarm system, and it's probably not money you want to spend. But how expensive would it be to have to replace items stolen in a burglary? Then after a burglary you are probably going to have to get an alarm system anyway, so it just makes sense to get one now.

    2. Get a dog. If you are a dog lover and don't want to put in an alarm, then a dog is a great alternative. Now if you want to get a large and intimidating dog, and you are comfortable with that choice, then go ahead and get one. The reality is that even a small barking dog is often enough to get a would be home intruder to think better of what they are doing. On top of that a little house dog that barks when there is danger nearby will alert you to that danger, giving you what could be a crucial warning that there is a dangerous criminal near your home.

    3. Get secure doors and windows and secure locks. If you care about home security then you should definitely have security doors, they are much harder to overcome than traditional doors. You should also very seriously consider using security window film. This clear film is easy to apply and it makes your windows much more difficult to breakthrough. Odds are that a criminal would hit your window, realize that breaking in is going to be more challenging than they thought, then they will hit the road.

    4. Install motion sensors. Most burglaries happen at night because criminals prefer the cover of darkness. Simple, inexpensive, and easy to install, motion sensors will turn on your outdoors lights when they pick up movement. Chances are pretty good that this sudden light will scare most burglars away.

    5. Use intelligent landscaping when planning out your yard. What do I mean by this? Well windows are a vulnerable point so put thorny bushes or cactus in front of them. Also make sure that you keep excess foliage cleared so that your house is easily visible from the street, which leaves criminals more exposed when they are trying to break in.

    6. Install fake security cameras. Criminals hate getting caught, so if you have a camera system, or a fake one, there's a good chance they will see it then decide that another house would make a better target.