Don’t you agree that modern technology has allowed homeowners to enjoy several types of security features that allow them to have some peace of mind over their properties?

    One prominent example of this is doorbell cameras, which allow you to see a live video feed of whoever is at your front door--even when you aren't home. It’s an outstanding security feature that allows homeowners to regularly monitor their houses for visitors or even intruders. But of all the options out there, which ones are the best options for your house? This article will list the four best doorbell cameras on the market today.

    Topics included:

    Benefits and types of doorbell cameras for your home

    What is a doorbell camera?

    A doorbell camera, or a smart camera, is a security feature that notifies the smartphone of the homeowner whenever a guest arrives at the entrance of the door. It could either activate when the doorbell is pressed or when it detects a guest via its motion sensors. This can enable you to monitor for suspicious activity, and if you have a home automation system, it can also enable you to remotely unlock the door for someone.

    This is what makes a doorbell camera an outstanding security feature, especially when coupled with a traditional home security camera. If there is one thing that criminals hate, it's anything that can record them as they commit a crime. Once they see you have video surveillance, including a doorbell camera, they may just decide that it's not worth the risk burglarizing your home.

    In fact, doorbell cameras are just one of the many cameras in an impressive array of security features and tools that you could install in your home. For example, there are surveillance cameras, infra-red cameras, among others, that help you monitor not just the outside but also the inside of your home. Combine them together and you've got a formidable arsenal of security equipment to protect your home.

    Doorbell cameras for security

    Did you know that in 2015, there were roughly 1.2 million violent crimes committed in the US? Even more alarming is that being burgled or robbed often lead to violent outcomes. A burglary is defined as a forced entry into a home, usually with the goal of stealing what is in the home.

    There’s no telling, moreover, that a person breaking into your home wouldn't be willing to hurt you or your family. So be smart, get a home security system, and then get one of the following doorbell cameras.

    Types of doorbell cameras

    1. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Doorbell In Satin Nickel

    Not only is this a great doorbell camera, its stylish design will also make sure that it looks good for your home. After all, you don't want to have an eyesore of a doorbell camera, do you?

    This doorbell camera will automatically alert you every time someone rings your doorbell, and it will also enable you to view them remotely and even speak to them. In other words, this camera is the next best thing to actually being able to answer your door yourself.

    If you are concerned that setting up your new doorbell yourself will be too complicated, you don't need to. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a toolkit for installing it. If you are looking for a way to keep tabs on your home when you aren't there, then this is a doorbell camera that should serve you well.

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    1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

    This doorbell offered by Ring is a stylish and functional doorbell camera. However, it does come with minor electrical wiring. It's not a tremendous amount of work, but if you aren't comfortable handling electrical wiring, then it's probably best you choose a different doorbell camera.

    But if you think you can handle the wiring yourself, then this doorbell camera could offer you a lot of advantages. It has a motion detector that will alert you whenever anybody or anything moves near your front door. It also has night vision capabilities and can be viewed remotely on your smartphone or tablet. It also allows for two-way audio so you can communicate with whoever is at your door.

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    1. WOHOME Doorbell WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

    This doorbell camera is easy to install and you can have it up and running in just a few minutes. It also records in 720p--which is already in high definition when compared to most other home cameras. Its wide-angle lens offers you a large-scale view from your camera and lets you see more. It also has night vision capabilities that turn on automatically, especially during the dark.

    What’s even more amazing is that this doorbell camera can be connected to up to four smartphones, which means that the entire family can help keeping tabs on their home when nobody is there. If you are interested in this doorbell camera you can view it on Amazon.

    1. Ring Stick Up Camera With Two-Way Audio

    This is the only wireless outdoor camera in the market that records in HD and also offers two-way audio. That means you can see and hear anyone at your front door via your laptop or smartphone, and you can also communicate with them. This doorbell camera comes equipped with infrared technology so it can record video nearly as detailed during the night as it does during the day. Like other quality doorbell cameras, this camera also has a motion detector. It's also easy to set up and comes with detailed instructions and an installation toolkit.

    If you want a camera that offers great features at a low cost, and that is also easy to install, then this is the doorbell camera for you. If you are interested in this doorbell camera then you can find it here on Amazon.