I think we can all agree that nosy neighbors could be irritating and annoying, and could even be invasive...am I right?

    While human beings are naturally curious, some people take things a bit too far. There is, after all, a thin line between being “curious” and deliberately invading the privacy of the people next door. If you find yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable in your own home due to the constant intrusions by your nosy neighbors, then it's time to do something about it. The following are 8 things you can do to help keep nosy neighbors out of your business.

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    8 Things To Do Vs Nosey Neighbors

    It can be tough to have nosey neighbors who constantly invade your privacy. It's even more bothersome and worrisome if you don't happen to live in the safest cities and neighborhoods in the United States. Of course, apart from having efficient and effective home security systems that could protect you against the worst-case scenarios you can expect from invasive strangers, there are eight easy ways by which you can handle such situations.

    Nosey Neighbors

    Hiding in plain sight from nosy neighbors

    1. Obscure their view with plants and bushes.

      If you’ve ever caught your neighbor peering into your window, you've probably felt violated. What's even worse is that for the one time you caught them, there were probably many other times when you didn't. So one simple solution is to obstruct their view by planting bushes in front of your windows. It's not ideal since you probably don't want to block your windows, but sometimes you have to take drastic action if you want to keep people from sticking their noses into your business.
    2. Keep your windows and doors closed.

      This should be the most obvious way to deal with intrusive neighbors, and that's to keep them from being able to see into your home by keeping your doors and windows closed. If you have closed blinds, then the only way your nosy neighbor can see what's going on would be to come right up to your window and try to peer in. If they actually have the guts to do this then you have another problem altogether and will probably have no choice but to call the police and have them charged with trespassing.

    Addressing the problem

    1. Confront them about their behavior.

      While it may not be the easiest thing to do, one of the most effective ways to deal with nosy neighbors is to simply confront them about their behavior. Confronting them doesn't mean yelling or resorting to violence. It simply means having a civilized conversation with them. You need to tell them in no uncertain terms that their constant invasion of your privacy is unacceptable and that you are asking them to mind their own business. They may deny that they are nosy, and they may get upset, but in many cases simply pointing out to the offending party that what they are doing is noticed will get them to stop. If it doesn’t work, then you can bluntly remind them that there are laws protecting against such intrusions.
    2. Refuse to have conversations with them and ignore them.

      Another tactic that is quite effective at dealing with intrusive neighbors is to refuse to deal with them at all. Taking this kind of action will show them that you are unhappy with them. In fact, there's a good chance that they will eventually end up asking you what's wrong. Then you will have the perfect opportunity to unload on them and tell them that you are fed up with their intrusive behavior. Once again, you don't have to yell and you definitely don't want things to get physical, but you should be direct so that they get the message.
    3. Call the police.

      There are privacy and anti-stalking laws in place that are meant to protect people's privacy. If you feel that your nosy neighbor has definitely crossed the line, then you should call the police. The police could go over and talk to your nosy neighbor. The mere fact that the police are involved should send them a clear message about their behavior.

    Other creative solutions and considerations

    Nosey Neighbors Fence

    1. Discuss with your other neighbors.

      Chances are that if you have a nosy neighbor they aren't fixated only on you. They are probably doing the same thing to others in your neighborhood. If you speak to others about the behavior of your intrusive neighbor then as a group you can present a united front against them. This can enable you as a group to confront them about their actions, or you can all simply decide to give them the cold shoulder and ignore them.
    2. Kill them with kindness.

      The next time you notice your nosy neighbor snooping on you then you should call them out on it by asking if they need help with anything. This way, they will be put on the spot--and make them feel uncomfortable. If they decline your offer for help, then you can also ask them why they were peeking over the fence or into your window. Chances are they won't know what to say, and they would become extremely uncomfortable. If you repeat this tactic each time you see them snooping, they will probably get the message and will learn not to keep poking their nose into your business.
    3. Returning the favor.

      The next time you catch your invasive neighbor spying on you, you could try returning the favor. (Fair warning though, this is a little petulant, but it works if your goal is to make them uncomfortable). If they are peeking through a hole in the fence, stare at them--and then when they make a quick exit you should head straight for that same hole in the fence and stare right back. If you are employing this tactic, it's essential that you make sure that your neighbor sees what you are doing, which should make them very uncomfortable. This may or may not get them stop being nosy, but at the very least it will be a source of irritation for them.