When examining the topic of home security one of the most obvious needs is to make sure that your exterior doors are as secure as possible. Doors are made for walking through which makes them the most obvious entry point for anyone thinking about breaking into your house. Aside from windows doors are the most vulnerable point in your home so you need to take steps to secure them. Obviously your first step should be to make sure that you have doors that are solid and properly installed. You also need to make sure that the doors are kept in good working order and are well maintained. Once you take those basic first steps then you can start looking at other options you can do in addition to having a solid exterior door. The following are things that you should look into that you can use to make your doors and impregnable as possible. Please keep in mind that the following recommendations will not only help to keep your home secure, they should also do it without needing you to spend a lot of money.


    Get A Quality Deadbolt
    A deadbolt is something that every regular exterior door should have period. It's much more secure than a doorknob lock is and it will make your door much harder to simply kick in. While a deadbolt isn't the only thing you need to keep your home secure, it is the most basic and is a first step you need to take today if you don't already have one. If you want a quality deadbolt that won't set you back too much money then I would recommend one of these.


    Install A Door Latch
    A lot of people use a door chain that allows them to open the door and then look outside while still feeling safe. The problem here is that a door chain provides a false sense of security, and if someone kicks he door while only a chain is holding it shut, then that chain is going to snap right off. Instead of using a door chain you should use a door latch instead, and this is a great one that is also not very expensive .


    Use Door Jammers On All Exterior Doors
    Door jammers aka (door security bars) are one of the best ways to reinforce a door and make it much harder to knock in. They work by transferring the force of someone trying to force the door open into the ground, which makes it extremely hard to push or kick the door in. They are also easy to use, don't cost much, and are adjustable for nearly any home. This is a great door jammer that will work no most doors, is easy to use, and doesn't cost much. You can find it on amazon here .


    Smart Locks Are The Smart Way To Go
    A traditional lock is a great option, but if you are looking for more out of a lock then you are going to want a smart lock. A smart lock uses a variety of different input options to open or close the lock. Many of them still give you the option of a key, so you may be wondering what the advantage is. Well for one thing a smart lock can be integrated into a home security or home automation system. That means that you can set them up so that you will be alerted when the door is opened, and you can also lock or unlock them remotely with your smart phone. This can be a huge convenience if you ever have someone show up at your home that you need to let in when you aren't there. Or if you can't remember if you locked the door you can check on your phone, and if you were careless enough to have left your door open then you can remotely lock it. If you are looking for a great smart lock that won't put a huge dent in your bank account then I would recommend this one .


    A Security Door Really Is A Must Have
    When most criminals see a security door then generally decide it's in their best interest to find another home that doesn't have one since they are typically pretty hard to get through. In fact most criminals won't even mess around with a security door, so if they are determined to get into your home they are going to look for a window or sliding glass door. Of course there are things you can do to reinforce these entry points as well, and it's up to you to do what you need to in order to keep them as impregnable as possible. Security Doors are metal, they are sturdy, and when they are installed properly they require a lot of time and effort to get passed them. Time and effort are things that are in short supply for the common criminal, which makes a security door a great deterrent as well as a great barrier. If you want a really solid security door then I would recommend this. It's a simple design, but honestly in many cases a simple design works very well.


    Use An Old Fashioned Door Barricade Bar
    Have you ever seen an old movie where a castle's door or gate is secured by a large bracing log or bar? Well there's a reason they did that, it's because it works. A bar across the inside of a door will increase it's strength and resistance to force by a huge amount. That's because the bar is mounted so that it is attached to the door frame instead of the door. So someone trying to kick your door in is basically going to have to be able to kick your door jam out in order to get in. Is it impossible to do? No, but once again you are simply looking for ways to make things harder and more time consuming for the bad guys. I can pretty much guarantee you that no criminal with half a brain is going to bang on your front door for an hour to get in. If you are interested in a great and inexpensive door bar then I would recommend this one.