Make sure your home is safe this valentines day 

    With valentines day quickly approaching and the associated excitement and angst that can accompany it, we want you to take a second to consider something that might not be on your radar! Home security! I know I know your saying come on Jason why should I be considering home security when what I want to think about is the amazing date I'm planning for my loved one. Well ones persons distraction is anothers opprotunity. Valentines day is one of those holidays where getting out of the house is just expected, and when do most houses get broken into ? Thats right when you are away. Burglars typically look for a few queues to identify if you are home, so Before you head out to dinner and drinks with your loved one there are a few things you can do to help ensure that your home stays safe.

    1: Make sure you leave a light on inside. This is a simiple way to indicate "Hey someone is home". If you were a burglar and were casing a street for a potential target would you choose the house with lights on or the one with no lights on and obviously empty.

    2: If you don't have them out already, make sure and put out your Home Security Protected by signs. Again burglars are going to take the path of least resistence, and if you had an option of breaking into a home that had a home security system or didn't which would you choose?

    3: Make sure you check all of your  doors and windows and ensure they are locked. This might sound funny but the statistics say that upward of 30% of homes that are broken into the burglar was able to enter through an unlocked door or window. 


    I want you to have a fantastic 2017 Valentines day, and not come home to the horrible feeling of someone having burglarized your home. A little extra effort can go a long way in regards to your home security and safety.