Trying to decide between going with Protect America or Frontpoint home security can leave your head spinning ... right ? 

    Well in this article we wan to help you by outlining the pros and cons of each of the home security systems. We will cover what features make each of the providers stand out, and based on your particular needs, which one would be best for you. 

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    Protect America vs Frontpoint

     You simply cannot expect that your home won't be broken into, as criminals don't hold the same respect for the law that most of us do. You need to be extra vigilant, especially now that the world seems to be a little less safe than yesterday. To prevent future harm, one of the things you can and should do in order to deter criminals is to get a good home security system. And in that regard, America trusts two names: Protect America and Frontpoint. In this article, we will be going over Protect America and Frontpoint so that you can see what each company brings to the table.


    Why you should get a home security system

    You may not associate a burglary to being a violent crime, but the potential for it is certainly there. What if a burglar breaks in when he thinks you aren't home and you end up face-to-face with him when he accidentally wakes you? What would you do? Suddenly the chances of this going from a simple burglary to something far more serious has become a major concern. Trust me when I say that this is not any situation that you ever want to find yourself in.

    The good news is that a solid alarm system from either Protect America or Frontpoint Home Security can be a very effective way of getting criminals to leave your home away. The logic really is quite simple: If you make a home a harder target to get into then criminals are going to be much more likely to give up and choose a less challenging target.


    Why choose Protect America for your home security needs

    1. Protect America has a lot going for it, which is to be expected considering that it is a popular home security company. One of the things that a lot of people appreciate about Protect America is the fantastic lifetime warranty they offer on their equipment. You literally have nothing to worry about if something breaks since Protect America will replace the broken equipment for you.
    2. Protect America offers very low upfront costs for its packages, with an option of leasing equipment instead of purchasing it.
    3. They offer both landline monitoring, which is less expensive but not as secure as broadband or satellite monitoring. While using a security system that depends on a landline leaves it vulnerable should a criminal cut your phone line, this type of home security system is still better than having nothing at all.


    Why choose Frontpoint for your home security needs

    1. Frontpoint is very well-known for their dedicated team of security experts that are standing by to help should you need them. Since you are likely going to sign a contract with whatever security company you go with for an extended period of time, the last thing you want is to have to deal with paid employees who don't treat you well when you need their help.
    2. Frontpoint also comes out top when it comes to using only 100% cellular monitoring. While this costs more than a landline-based system from Protect America, it's also far more secure. There is no landline to cut, so if a criminal really wants to break in, they are going to have to work a lot harder for it.
    3. Frontpoint also believes in offering their customers flexibility. To this end, they have contracts that start at 12 months and top out at 36 months.


    Make sure to ask the home security system installation technician questions

    A great home security system won't do you any good at all if it hasn't been installed the right way. For example are you aware that many burglars are adept and finding vulnerabilities that they can exploit? This means that you cannot blindly trust the installation technician and assume that he or she knows what's best.

    You need to ask questions and make sure you communicate any concerns. Ask if they have enough glass sensors to cover every room in your house with a window. Ask if they are placing the motion detector in a place that is the most likely to detect people breaking in. Also, make sure that you test the system while the technician is still there so that you can ask him or her to correct any issues that come up.


    Which home security company is best for you?

    When deciding between Protect America and Frontpoint Home Security, there are a handful of factors that you have to consider. The good news here is that both of these companies employ skilled and dedicated technicians, and both use a similar style of high-end, antiburglary technology. If your primary concern is getting a home security system that costs you less money, then Protect America is your better option. They offer lower-cost options that are still quite effective. If you go with Protect America,  you really won't be getting an inferior product, you just won't get all of the bells and whistles that Frontpoint offers.

    Frontpoint offers a more secure cellular-based monitoring system in each home security system. They also are well-known for their outstanding customer service, something that shows they are committed to keeping their customers happy. Ultimately you have to take a look at both companies and then make the choice that works best for you.