Trying to decide which door security bar gives you the most bang for your buck? Well, our comprehensive buyer's guide gives you just that! Read on ....   

    Adding a door security bar to your home security tool belt can be just what the doctor ordered to give you complete confidence that your door is secure. In this post, we are going to go over what we think are your best options when it comes to purchasing and installing a door security bar in your home or office. 

    Table Of Contents

    1. Why You Should Consider Getting A Door Security Bar
    2. List Of The Top 5 Door Security Bars
    3. Door Security Bar Product Reviews
      1. Master Lock Dual Function Door Security Bar
        1. Unboxing [Video]
      2. Doorjammer Portable Security Device
      3. Brinks Door Security Bar
      4. Cocoweb PortBlock Dual Function Door Security Bar
      5. Travelers Security Lock
    4. Other Home Security Tips

    Why You Should Have A Door Security Bar

    A door security bar is a simple device, and yet it's a very effective piece of security equipment that can help you to keep your home safe and keep unwanted intruders at bay. When it comes to home security, you want to have multiple layers of security to keep you and your family safe.

    You want to secure doors and windows, have an alarm system, and a door security bar on any external doors, to keep them even more secure. By having multiple layers of security features in place you can make your home as secure as possible which can help to keep your family protected. What makes door jammers such an effective piece of equipment is that they come in a wide range of styles that are compatible with any door, and they are easy to use. There are designs that can be braced against the floor then hook up under the doorknob, and there are also very strong portable doorstops that you can bring with you when you are going to be spending time away from home.

    In order assist you in finding the right type of door security bar to meet your needs we have spent some time doing the legwork for you. We have researched the top brands and sellers and have selected the top option in five different popular categories. After reading through our recommendations we hope that you will be able to find the right door security jammers to meet your needs.

    The 5 Top Rated Door Security Bars

    1. Master Lock Dual Function Door Security Bar
    2. Doorjammer Portable Security Device
    3. Brinks Door Security Bar
    4. Cocoweb PortBlock Dual Function Door Security Bar
    5. Travelers Security Lock

    Top 5 Door Security Bar Product Reviewed

    1. The Best Door Security Bar For Someone On A Tight Budget:

    Master Lock Dual Function Door Security Bar

    Master Lock Dual Function Door Security Bar

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    What makes Master Lock Dual Function Door Security Bar a great choice for many people is that it is low in price but is still very high in quality. It is made of 20 gauge steel, features a ball joint that pivots at its base and also a padded foot grip to prevent slipping. Remarkably it weighs in at under a pound, but it can still take up to 350 lbs. of force.

    Another great feature is that the Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar can adjust in height going from just over 27 inches to 42 inches, which makes it ideal for both sliding and hinged doors. Sliding glass doors are particularly vulnerable to be broken into since the locks on these types of doors are generally weak and easy to overcome. By using a security bar to keep the door in place regardless of whether or not the lock is bypassed you will be able to keep intruders from gaining easy access to your home. On top of that this bar also has a yoke that will keep the handle on your door from being damaged.

    Manufacturer Feature List:

    • Adjusts from 27-1/2in (70cm) - 42in (1.1m) to fit most standard doors and sliding patio doors
    • 20-Gauge steel construction

    Master Lock Dual Function Door Security Bar Unboxing [Video]


    2. The Top Easily Portable Door Jammer: Doorjammer Portable Security Device

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    Compact, lightweight, and very durable, the Doorjammer Portable Security Device is the ideal solution to keep your doors secure when you are staying in a hotel or in a friend's home while you are on a trip. Easy to transport and set up, this is a door jammer that is ideal for travel but also works just as easily be in your home. What makes it so easy to use it that it slips right beneath your door and it simply unlocks itself when pulled up on. If someone tries to use horizontal force to push the door in, that force is converted to vertical force and just anchors the door jammer down more securely. The only catch with this tool is that there needs to be a small space of just under a quarter inch between the door bottom and the ground, something that most interior doors have, and most exterior doors lack.

    Manufacturer Feature List:

    • Measurements: 4.75 inches H x 2.75 inches W and weighing 8 oz.
    • Compatible with all types of flooring, the innovative system of hinges and angles anchor the DoorJammer firmly to carpeted, tiled and laminate floors when outside pressure is exerted on the door.
    • Seconds to install and remove. No tools required. In case of emergency it's very easily removable.
    • Adjustable neoprene extension foot needs only 0.3-inch of earance, and can be used with doors that have high thresholds. Sleep tight in your dorm or hotel room, and protect yourself at work or school.
    • 12-MONTH GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects. We are so confident of our products durability that we will issue a full refund of your purchase price if the DoorJammer fails to perform as promised.

    3. The Best Heavy Duty Door Jammer: Brinks Door Security Bar

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    Trying to find a well designed, exceptionally strong, and extremely secure door security bar? Then you are looking for the Brinks Door Security Bar. Not only does it have the Brinks name behind it, which is a long trusted brand in the home security industry, but It's constructed from 20 gauge tubular steel and can withstand up to 300 lbs of force. On top of that, it is a dual function bar which can be used either on a traditional door or on a sliding glass door. 

    Feature Highlights

    • Dual-Function door security bar.
    • Increases security on traditional and sliding glass doors.
    • 20 gauge tubular steel built to withstand up to 300 pounds of force.
    • Swivel foot and adjustable length bar allow for use on a variety of door applications.
    • Adjust from 25 to 43 inches.
    • The product includes security bar, adjustment pin, and a removable yoke which allows flexibility between standard door and sliding door security.
    • Lightweight.

    4. The Top Versatile Door Jammer: Cocoweb PortBlock Dual Function Door Security Bar

    Cocoweb portblock dual function door jammer

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    Looking for versatility? Then look no further than the Cocoweb PortBlock Dual Function Security Bar. It can easily be adjusted so it can be used on a traditional or a sliding door, and it has 40 different adjustable height settings to ensure that it has a tight and secure fit. On top of being very versatile and easy to use this is also a very durable door security bar and can resist over 350 lbs. of force. Sold as a two pack you can buy it and instantly have a way to keep multiple doors in your home extra secure.

    Manufacturer Product Details

    • Use for added security, decreasing the chances of intruders entering your home
    • 20 gauge steel body withstands more than 350 pounds of force
    • Forty Height Settings, each 1/4 inch apart
    • Pivoting Ball Joint re-angles the bar to any position for maximum reinforcement

    5. The Top Lightweight Door Jammer: Travelers Security Lock

    Traverlers security door jammer

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    Do a lot of traveling and looking for a way to keep your sleeping quarters safe? Then stop looking because Travelers Security Lock may be the ideal choice for you. Made from lightweight, but durable, aircraft grade aluminum, it is highly effective and still weighs under a half pound. It secures any door it is attached to securely to its frame to prevent anyone from being able to easily pry the door open. What's truly astonishing is that it does all of this and can still fit in its leather carrying case in your pocket.

    Made right here in the United States and also backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, this is a great security bar for your door that is remarkably effective. Just remember that this particular jammer is not meant to secure doors that have more than a quarter inch gap separating the edge of the door and the frame.

    Manufacturer Feature Description:

    • Portable Security lock for most left and right-hand doors. *Requires no keys or combinations.
    • Small enough to fit in your pocket. 
    • Can only be used from the inside of the door that opens towards you.
    • Secures the door tightly up against the door frame to prevent credit card, crowbar intrusion

    Other Steps You Can Take To Make Your Doors More Secure

    While door security jammers can do a lot to make your doors more secure, they won't be much good unless you follow common sense good practices in regards to keeping your doors durable and in good repair. The following are additional tips you should pay attention to and implement to keep your home as safe as possible from would be intruders.

    1. Always use only solid core wood doors or metal doors for any exterior doors on your home. Solid core doors are much harder to keep in and are much more secure when you are using door security bars with them.

    2. Only use Grade 1 locks rated by the Amerian National Standards Institute. These locks will be the most difficult to pick so they are the best option for your home.

    3. Make sure that the weak points of your door, the frame, hinges, etc. are reinforced.

    4. Use motion sensor lights at the entry points to your home. Remember that criminals don't like getting caught, so having lights turn on as they approach a door to your home is a great way to scare them off.

    5. Install an alarm system, and have it armed at all times. This makes your home harder to break into, which is a deterrent that will often get criminals to move on to a different target.

    If you would like some recommendations on an alarm system we have our best of 2017 article here

    Any of the door security bars mentioned above would be a great addition to your home's security, and there are options that are ideal for traveling as well. Want to take things a step further, and add another layer of protection to your home, then looking into electronic door locks is another option you should consider.