I think we can all agree that personal security matters more than anything...am I right?

    It can be especially frustrating to keep your house orderly and safe from criminal activity, but it’s a task that must be observed with zeal for the sake of your loved ones. Fortunately, one of the simplest ways by which you can protect against such incidents is by installing effective locks into your apartment, not just on your doors, but also on your windows. This article provides a full buyer’s guide, including a top 10 list of the best window locks for your home.

    Topics included:

    10 Best Window Locks For Your Home

    Why get window locks

    One of the biggest oversights when securing your home comes down to the windows: people never remember to check their window locks for wear and tear, or even for their strength. That’s why it comes as no surprise that thieves when attempting to rob your houses or apartment of valuable belongings are more likely to use the window than the door. Doors create loud thuds and draw immediate attention. Windows are a cleaner way for them to get in, and they're well aware of this fact.

    Did you know that there were an estimated 327,374 robberies nationwide, which accounted for an estimated $390 million in losses? Meanwhile, property crimes resulted in $14.3 billion worth of losses, according to the FBI. If you want to protect your family properly, you'll want to upgrade your security. When your home windows were installed, they were done so with a basic lock already in place, but it’s likely not a good quality lock.

    Top 10 window locks for your home

    Hence, we urge you, reader: Don't be added to the burglary statistics in America. And you can do so by availing yourself of the following locks, which will offer the absolute best in security for your home.

    cresci window lock

    1. Cresci Products Window Wedge

    You need your windows locked properly, no doubt, but when it comes down to it, wedge locks can actually provide you with far more safety and security than traditional locks, because they use the resistance of your window's equipment.

    If you enter an apartment unit or any rental, you're not going to be able to modify the structure of the home, such as putting holes into the window frame. These wedge locks are a great alternative that are both friendly for your lease agreement, and sturdy in applying safety to your home.

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    Prime Line Window Lock

    1. Wood Window Vent Lock by Prime-Line

    For your vertical sliding windows, you'll benefit greatly from steel locks. These go onto older, sturdy windows that aren't designed to handle many of the new implementations available today. Installing these only require three Phillips head screws, and they provide immense support. These are specifically only to be used with wooden windows and can provide you with the safety and security you've been looking for in premier window locking equipment.

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    momentum window lock

    1. Sliding Window Lock by Momentum Brands

    Perhaps one of the sturdiest window locks on the market. More often than not, your windows are going to use their own resistance with locks to prevent foreign entry. In this case, these aluminum locks work both for security, and to prevent you from putting unnecessary holes in your windows, window sills or walls.

    You can simply use the thumb screw to clamp down on the windows to lock them and open them up when you want to unlock them. It's very simple, and noninvasive to your home. These are perhaps some of the most versatile window locks on the market, as they can be used with multiple window types, and aren't just restricted to traditionally styled windows.

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    andersen window lock

    1. Andersen Sash Lock & Keeper

    This is for some heavy duty locking. The Andersen lock rivals the design and ability that most of the older Andersen windows have been using for years. There's no replacement for exceptional quality, especially when it comes to your home security. There are multiple Andersen locks for their various windows over the years, however, when implementing a new system, we found this to be the best one.

    These are relatively easy DIY, and won't cost you a fortune going into it. While these locks are more expensive than some of our other options, you'll be looking at heavy duty security.

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    Lokklatch window lock

    1. National Hardware LokkLatch

    Stainless steel is durable as can be. When you toss it into a lock, you're looking at unbelievable security measures. This system requires a key to use, making it extra safe and only usable by you if you wish to unlock it. This system is easy to install; you just have to align it properly. You can use it for just about any window in your home, and you can install it with ease. It doesn't require a lot of skills to DIY this project.

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    Canzak Window Lock

    1. Canzak Restrictor Cable

    This is one of those easy remedies that we're surprised nobody thought about ages ago. With this restrictor cable, you're getting a chain-lock feel like you'd see on any apartment door. One side id applied to the window frame, the other to the actual window sill itself. The completed effect is that even if somebody were to try and break in, they wouldn't get more than an inch or two of space between the window and the wall.

    These cables can also be extremely durable, meaning if they try to rip the window open with a large amount of power, they will most likely still fail. These are screwed into the window and windowsill, however, so check first to see if your home or apartment could even hold the screws without the wood breaking. Most older homes and apartments have frail wooden frames; don't put a brand new window lock system into a decaying frame.

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    1. Windo Bully

    This is one of those “As Seen On TV” products, but it's one that works exceptionally well. Whether you like to look at Amazon reviews or other means of deciding on products, you won't be disappointed. Windo Bully has been around for quite some time, and it adored by its users.

    It's a little box that goes on the top of your window, much like a locking window ledge, only it works far better. These devices can hold up to 300 pounds of pressure, making them extremely durable. You'll get your full use out of these just in the test phase. Try as you might, there's no way you're going to break a Windo Bully system on your own. Their guarantee proves it, as do their previous customers weighing in on the reliability of the product.

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    prograde window lcok

    1. ProGrade Window Lock by Safety 1st

    You get full control with these window locks. If you want to crack the window open so keep the house aired-out while you're away, you can now do that with the ProGrade Window Lock. The mechanical arm can be slightly altered, all within the parameters of your warranty, to allow the window to open ever so slightly.

    These are installed into the window frame themselves, and all you full control over your environment. There is no way for a burglar to disable these without breaking the windows. If you have tempered glass that cannot simply be shattered, then you'll have 100 percent complete security with these window locks.

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    prime-line window lock

    1. The Prime-Line Sash Lock

    This is heavy duty security. You can only open the Prime-Line Sash Lock, which is made out of die-cast zinc with a key. This adds extra security since only you can bring around the key and have access to your own windows. These also offer an insane amount of resistance, making them extra safe. You won't be coming home to find a snapped or broken lock dangling from your window.

    You will have to screw these in. They take four Phillips head screws and attach directly to your window regardless of material. Wood, aluminum, vinyl--it doesn't matter. The Prime-Line Sash Lock is going to work no matter what the case is. It was a difficult one not putting this on the top of our list, as it's a spectacular means of security.

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    burglabar window lock

    1. BurglaBar

    These are used for sliding windows and are the most effective window locks we have on this list. When a burglar is trying to inspect your windows to see if they can get in, they'll often look for what kind of lock you have, and if a security alarm sensor is in place. This allows them to better determine how they're going to enter your home.

    With BurglaBar, you're getting one of the strongest, most long-lasting and durable window locks on the market, and discretion. These are made out of translucent plastic and are basically invisible to the naked eye. Even adept criminals are unlikely to see your BurglaBar system.

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    How to select the right window lock for your home

    There are certain factors you need to look for when selecting your window locks. We've included everything you'll need to know about selecting the right window lock for you. Keeping your family safe is your number one priority, and as such, you need to be armed with proper knowledge.

    • Every room needs a window lock. If burglars are serious about what they're doing, they'll easily be able to test a window to determine if there's a lock on the inside, preventing them from gaining access. They'll try every single window on your unit or home to determine a viable point of access. If they can find a weaker window or a weaker lock to break, they'll do just that.
    • Your locks need to be the same brand. Generic Brand A may not be as good as Generic Brand B. As we stated before, some criminals may try multiple windows to determine if your residence can be broken into. If you only purchased 9 locks from Generic Brand A, but you have 10 windows, you may be thinking about cost and go for Generic Brand B for that one last window lock, because it's cheaper. That's the window that the burglar will be able to break into. When you find that quality, well-built window lock, you need to ensure that every window has the same security. Some of you may be thinking, “But it's just one type of lock; the burglar can figure it out and break in, right? Shouldn't I have different types of locks?” The short answer is: no. Having 10 different brands of locks just gives the burglar 10 different ways to try and break in. You need to have consistency in your home security.
    • No need for a professional for good, quality window locks. For the most part, you can absolutely DIY your window lock projects. Most of the ones you can purchase include some sort of instructions, guiding you through the entire process without making it too stressful.

    Did I install my window locks properly?

    The easiest way would be to try a mock-up break-in. Go try to enter your windows from the outside, and see how sturdy they are. If they're even shaky, you may need to reinstall them properly to ensure they'll actually hold up if someone were to try and break in through your window.

    Different locks per window type

    No two windows are built the same. You may encounter issues if you buy the wrong locks for the wrong window type. If your windows are thicker, or the border is made of a different material than wood, you may also encounter some installation problems. You can find out more about what your windows are made out of by simply inspecting them. Most window frames and sills are made out of wood, but some special cases include aluminum. Once you find out which window type you have, this process will be much easier.

    Do I need to replace my windows?

    If you move into an extremely old building, you may have windows that have suffered termite damage or are just frail from age. In this case, applying a lock and then testing it may surprise you. You can pull the window up with all of your might to test the lock and actually snap the window frame. That's not something you want to live with: it makes the lock completely useless. Before you invest in any locks, see if you need to invest in new windows.