if you are like me then you want to make sure your family is safe when you are away. 

    Well one thing that we often don't consider when reviewing our homes security is a security door. Home security doors are typically made up of Iron or other metal which makes then extremely difficutl to break into. If you have an older door, or a door that doesn't have a solid core then read on, and see if adding a security door could be right for you. 

    Home Security Door

    Home security doors are now increasing in popularity as breaking in becomes as easy as pie for skilled intruders. Indeed, having a secure lock attached to an ordinary door cannot keep your residence safe. To protect your house from powerful attacks, covering your entrance with heavy wood or steel gate would be the best thing to do.

     Through the years, most homeowners choose thick wood as gates. It is because of the touch of elegance and warmth that it brings in addition to safety. Its frequent use though can make the entire door malformed and so safety may be compromised. It is the reason why some people choose metal security doors in their entrance areas. Steel is the most commonly used material for this type of doors. It is followed by a much cheaper material called aluminum. As it is cheaper, it is weaker in quality as well. For you to purchase home security doors, you have to ask yourself some questions.

     What are home its Functions?

     The fundamental purpose of a security door is to give the notion that your home is secured and that perpetrators should be somewhere else. With around 80 per cent of burglaries in the world happening through forced entry using the door, it is, therefore important that your doors have the appearance of durability. It deters criminals from pursuing their plan. Home security doors also allow you to view the strangers waiting at your doorstep. If you do not know who they are, then you can opt not to let them in. The good thing about security doors nowadays is the fact that they come in chic styles. Not only do they ensure the safety, but they can also add appeal and value to your homes. To augment security, you can even install collapsible grilles too.

     What are their Types?

     Home security doors come in two basic types. These are the hardwood and steel doors. The wood doors are thick and cumbersome, but they are aesthetically pleasing. They come with different designs and a variety of timber types. They usually look like any ordinary door with wood finish or fiberglass. For you to add security measures, tumbler locks are installed to these to maximize security. The steel doors often resemble a wrought iron with steel metal. Most fire security doors come in this type. They also come in various intricate designs.

     What are the Considerations?

     When choosing a residential security door, be confident that you have covered all the basics. Make sure that your choice is trying to break in. It must come with locks that are secure enough to withstand all the kicking of burglars. It must be able to withstand any pressure that perpetrators may inflict to it. It should not be penetrated even with the use of tools or extreme force. You also need to ensure that your door fits perfectly. Have a specialist to take the measurement of your doorway to make sure that you have the exact fit. 

    Other Ways To Secure Your External Doors

    Adding a security door may not be an option for you. Maybe you live in an apartment, or maybe you just can't afford the cost. Well, another less expensive, and less permanent option is to install a door security bar on your external doors. These devices can be installed and uninstalled in seconds and apply force to portions of the door other than just where the door locks so even if the lock is breached the burglar won't be able to to get into your home. 

     Adding extra protection to your family may be a concern should you live in an area with a high crime rate. While you have done your best to secure and insure your belongings, putting in that extra security door, an additional line of defense between your sleeping family and the rest of the house may well be a decision that saves lives.