Are you wanting to beef up security in your home and want to know the best way to do it? Put your home security cameras in these places.

    Put Your Home Security Cameras in These Places

    If you invested in a home, we can all assume you'd like to take care of it.

    It sure wasn't cheap after all. 

    Home security cameras work in a similar way. They're not the cheapest things out there but they exist so you can rest easy at night knowing your home is under close guard.

    They can even add value to your home.

    That sure sounds like a great deal doesn't it?

    But how can you take full advantage of those cameras? They're not able to see everything so you have to be a bit tactical when figuring out where to place them.

    And that's why you're here in the first place. 

    So read on to find out why camera placement isn't a science after all.

    First Off, Where Do You Think Your Home Security Cameras Should Be?

    Ask yourself some questions.

    • What do you think are the most vulnerable parts of your home?
    • Can a thief sneak into a hidden window in the back of your home?
    • Was your home already broken into? Where did the intrusion happen?

    These questions should be taken into consideration before setting up or upgrading your cameras. 

    That said, statistics show what actually are proven to be the most vulnerable spots.

    You Need Cameras on the First Floor of Your Home

    Did you know 81% of all break-ins happen on the first floor?

    You sure can't argue with those stats. It'd be wise to put home security cameras where thieves are most likely to enter. 

    Your front door needs a camera

    34% of burglars get in through the front door.

    Now that you know that, it should be obvious your front door needs to be guarded.

    As an extra bonus, you can use  front door cameras 

    The best way to do that is to have a camera with a 45 degree to 75-degree view watching over your doorway.

    Make sure it's out of range for burglars to get a hold of though. Burglars can easily smash or steal the camera in an easy to access location like your front door.

    Don't be afraid to make it visible though. A visible camera can turn burglars away.

    You should have cameras on your first-floor windows that are off the street

    The windows on your first floor are also easy targets for burglars. The width of a window is ideal for hauling items out of your house faster than a doorway. 

    If there were any windows to smash, it would likely be in your backyard which is out of view and away from the street. 

    Windows are also the main opportunity for burglars to see inside and assess the floor plan and what they want to steal. 

    Home security cameras watching your windows can let you stop the burglar in his or her tracks. 

    Try placing these ones outside because recording from indoors can really take a toll on the video quality.

    Your back door needs a camera

    Burglars who are going to pick locks are likely to use your backdoor since it's out of view compared to your front door.

    These cameras should be hidden and out of reach because these burglars are more likely to damage or steal your camera. 

    Your Backyard Should Have Cameras

    Besides being able to spot intruders before they've broken in, backyard cameras can you give you a better peace of mind.

    You won't have to worry about sounds in the night if you can prove it was just the wind that knocked over your planter. 

    Better yet, if you live out in the woods, you can see if there are any wild animals lurking about that might be dangerous for your kids or pets. 

    You Should Keep a Watch Over Your Garage

    Garages are at special risk because everyone can see what's inside when the door is open. 

    Most importantly, you need to know if thieves are breaking into your garage because chances are good they will break in again if nothing is done to stop then.

    Place this camera in a way that you can see the whole interior. That way, you'll know where the break in occurred and what was stolen. 

    Staircases, Yeah Watch Those Too

    A great spot to include a camera on the inside of your home is going to be a place where burglars move the slowest. 

    Moving up and down the stairs is the best spot to identify the thief since they're not able to move as fast on a staircase.

    Staircases are your best bet to spot an intruder with home security cameras.

    Don't Forget About Ethics Laws

    Following the law might not be the first thing you think about when setting up your home security cameras but of course, you can't forget.

    They aren't technical really. Anyone can understand it.

    For one thing, don't point your home security cameras at your neighbor's house.

    What does that even accomplish apart from giving yourself a really angry neighbor?

    In general, don't have a security camera anywhere where someone would expect a bit of privacy.

    It's good manners and quite simple, really. 

    Wherever You Put Your Cameras, Make Sure They're Out Of Reach

    If burglars are going to break into your home, they're not going to mind breaking or tampering with your camera in the process.

    Having your home security cameras roughly 9 feet off the ground is a generous amount to keep most people from being able to reach it.

    And Finally, Don't Make These Mistakes

    • Always make sure your cameras are secured especially if intruders are capable of reaching it.
    • A single camera is not able to pick up everything. Some cameras are better at picking up faces while other cameras are better at picking up license plates off in the distance. Be mindful which cameras you buy.
    • Be aware of the outdoor lighting especially for your front door camera. If your camera has poor night vision you won't be able to pick up anything but if there's too much outdoor lighting you'll just have a glare all over the videos.

    Feeling a lot more confident? We hope so. Now find out what burglars are looking for in the first place.