Why is ADT security better than its competitors? 

    ADT security is equably the most recognizable brand in home security. ADT excels in home security automation and provides all the technology and know-how you need to convert your simple home into a fortress.

    When it comes to technology, ADT is practically unmatched. It offers standard window and door sensors, plus glass break and motion sensors, as well as surveillance cameras. They also have an option to add carbon monoxide and smoke alarms into your security, so in the event of a gas leak or fire, ADT will be informed and will alert the relevant authorities.

    What is more? ADT additionally offers the most coveted medical alert protection. They are among the very few security providers that have a medical alert on their package, which is valuable for older residents in the home. Automation excellence is taken a notch higher; you can seamlessly monitor and control your security system, garage door, lights, door locks and thermostat from your computer or smartphone from literally anywhere in the world. Let's take a summarized look at what sets ADT security apart from their competitors;


    1. Money-back guarantee: ADT puts their confidence behind there security services by offering a six months money-back guarantee. If by any chance you are not happy with their services, they will refund your entire installation fee as well any monitoring costs that may have accrued.

    2. Cellular monitoring: ADT's Video and Remote packages come with cellular monitoring capabilities. Cellular monitoring is more secure compared to the conventional landline monitoring as the latter can be easily disabled if intruders interfere with your phone line.

    3. Six monitoring centers: They own 6 monitoring centers in North America that are at your service in case of any emergency. Your alarm signals will be relayed to the nearest center and a representative will get in touch with you and alert relevant authorities to make sure that you are safe. In case of any service disruption, your account is instantly transferred to another monitoring center to ensure you always stay protected.

    4. Environmental protection: Aside from the intrusion cameras and sensors, ADT offers carbon monoxide, flood and smoke alarms which are connected to your security system. Should any of this sensors be triggered, the nearest monitoring center will be notified and they will immediately send help your way.

    5. Excels in home automation: I like to refer to ADT security as the geniuses of home security automation. They offer the most advanced automated home security services compared to any of their compactors. Using their mobile or interface app, you can disarm and arm your security, adjust lights and temperature, check your security video feeds, and unlock or lock doors. There is an option to create customized modes so that you can automatically adjust to predetermined settings with one click. ADT is also in partnership with third parties like Nest Learning Thermostat and Ring Video Doorbell to make synchronization much easier.

    6. Medical alert systems: As earlier mentioned, ADT is one of the very few home security providers that offer effective medical alert pendants. Older adults are prone to a wide range of risks of injuries, including falls, and when left home alone, it can take a while before someone realizes. A medical alert pendant gives then the ability to call for help themselves; even if they don't have access to the phone.