If you are thinking about getting a home security system then the first name that probably comes to mind is ADT... Right ? 
    Well in this article we are going to give you an overview of ADT as a company, the services they offer as well as a review of how to approach your home security. 

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    ADT Home Security & Automation Review

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    ADT Prices & Plans 

    ADT Prices & Plans


    $ 27.99 per month
    • Security Monitoring *landline required

    Basic Wireless

    $ 48.99 per month
    • Wireless Security Monitoring
    • CellGaurd ®

    ADT Pulse + Video

    $ 58.99 per month
    • Wireless Security Monitoring
    • CellGaurd ®
    • Mobile Access + Alerts
    • Video Surveillance

    ADT Company History

    The ADT Corporation is one of the best known and respected home security companies around. Their corporate headquarter is located at 1 Town Center Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33486, and can boast employment numbers in the 10's of thousands.  When it comes to home security they have a reputation for using top of the line technology as well as offering outstanding support and customer service. In the dangerous world that we live in not having a home security system is basically asking to become a victim. While it's true that no home security system will make your home impregnable, what a good security system from ADT will do is make your home a far less appealing target for criminals. When most criminals realize that you have an alarm system from ADT they will often decide that trying to break into your home really isn't worth the effort. They will then usually move on to another house, which is bad news for that homeowner, but good news for you. ADT can help you by designing and installing a home security system that will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you, your family, and your property are protected.

    If you are on the fence about whether or not you need a home security system then take a moment to try to imagine how you would feel if your home was broken into. How would you feel if a criminal broke into your home while you were away and stole the things that you worked so hard for? Worse yet what if they broke in when someone was home and a member of your family was hurt or worse? The reality is that break-ins happen all the time. Sometimes it's a simple burglary where a criminal is looking to make an easy buck. But that's not always the case, and if someone you love suffers at the hands of a criminal than the level of despair you will feel could be crippling. The bottom line is that if you love and care about your family then you need to take action and do whatever you can to protect them. That means that you need a home security system, and if you are looking for one of the best on the market then you definitely need to contact ADT.

    Before making any decision as important as what type of home security system to have installed in your home, you need to take the time tho think things through. You need to find out as much information as possible about any home security company after all this company will hold the safety of your family in their hands. What you have to remember is that not all home security companies are equal and that there are quite a few out there that are simply in the business to make money. Once you learn about ADT, their history, their values, and their equipment and services you will probably understand why they have such an outstanding reputation in the home security industry.


    ADT Has been in business a long time

    ADT Has Been Providing Home Security Solutions For A Long Time

    ADT didn't originally start out as a home security company. Instead, they got into the home security business largely due to a combination of good timing, and a realization that the technology they had developed would work well as a burglar alarm. ADT originally started out as a telegraph company when Edward A. Calahan developed a means of transmitting instructions to and from the stock exchange in 1863. After waking up during a burglary Mr. Calahan realized that he could employ the same technology as an effective burglar alarm system. He started out by linking up homes via telegraph, then over time ADT continued to evolve and grow. ADT would later branch out into fire alarms as well as burglar alarms, and in time they shut down their telegraph service completely and decided to focus only on home security solutions.

    The history of a company is important because companies that have been around for a long time generally have a history of success, or they wouldn't be around any longer. While this is far from a guarantee, it is usually a good indicator about how a company conducts business. The origins of a company and how it came to be are also important. In this case, ADT came to be when Mr. Calahan realized that the technology he developed could be used to fill a need in the market.

    Break Ins Happen Far More Frequently Than Most People Realize

    Many people have the wrong mindset when it comes to making the security of their home a priority. These types of people are under the impression that bad things only happen to other people. Nobody ever gets up in the morning and thinks that today is the day when they will become the victim of a break-in. But it happens all the time, and after it happens most victims are left with regret over the fact that they did not prepare ahead of time by having a home security system from ADT installed. So exactly how common are break-ins? Believe it or not, burglaries accounted for nearly 20 percent of all property crimes in 2016. The total amount of money lost due to theft in 2016 is estimated to be around 14 billion, with 20 percent of that coming from burglaries. 

    The point here is that burglaries are actually not as uncommon as most people seem to think that they are. So if you are under the impression that the odds that you will be the victim of a break-in are too low to worry about, then you need to understand that you are wrong in this regard. Unless you want to be one of the many people who are the victims of a break in you need to take action, and one of the first things you should do is contact ADT.

    Another common misconception that people have regarding their risk of being the victim of a break-in is if they live in an area that is considered to have a low crime rate and is more affluent. While it's true that there are a lot of opportunistic crimes that happen in areas that have higher crime rates, the simple fact of living in a nicer area is hardly protection from a break in. It's a matter of common sense. Criminals that are professionals won't go looking for homes in low-income areas to burglarize. Instead, they purposely target homes in more affluent areas since they know that there will likely be far more valuables inside that they can steal. So if you are under the impression that your nice neighborhood means you probably won't be burglarized, then sadly once again you are mistaken.

    ADT Services Home Security & Automation

    Do you want to know what services ADT offers? Well You have come to the right place! ADT is the world's number one security provider for homes and businesses. It was the first home security company in the United States, and it helps protect more than 6 million customers. With the company's home security and automation system features, you can arm your system from anywhere using your computer, smartphone, or tablet and ultimately keep your home safe beyond a shadow of a doubt.

     Read on to find out more about services that ADT offers.


    1. Burglary Monitoring Services

    Your life and home demand unwavering security. That is why the primary service ADT offers is Burglary Alarm Monitoring. An ADT Authoized Dealer will install an alarm panel as well as sensors on your windows and doors that connect to your alarm, and if you have ADT Pulse your mobile device. If an intruder tries to break into your property, a burglary alarm is received at the ADT Customer Monitoring Center. A trained professional will notify you and if necessary can also dispatch the police to your residence. 

    With the addition of ADT Pulse you will also be able to remotely arm and disarm your system, as well as lock and unlock doors if you have installed smart locks. This gives you the added benefit of being able to secure your home even if you forgot to do so before you left your home. The peace of mind this also provides being able to know the security status of your home if say you are out when the kids are home alone is worth its weight in gold. 


     2. Temperature Monitoring Services

    ADT also provides temperature monitoring services. When you are getting your alarm system installed an ADT Authorized Dealer can install high-quality temperature monitoring sensors in homes and businesses wich will monitor and detect changes in temperature. This security measure helps overcome dangers resulting from bursting pipes and other low-temperature damage.

    Along with this service, you can also add a NEST Learning Thermostat which can be controlled by your ADT app on your smartphone. This allows you to remotely set the temperature of your home as well as schedule when your thermostat should change to a specific temperature. Another great feature here is the ability to set up emergency fire automation that will turn off your thermostat in the case of a fire in order to try and slow the circulation of smoke. 


    3. Fire and Smoke Monitoring Services

    ADT also offers advanced fire and smoke monitoring services. The smoke and heat sensors detect fire outbreaks and send an alarm to the Customer Monitoring Center. Whether you are asleep, away at work, or away on holiday this can give you the peace of mind that if a fire were to break out, firefighters can be dispatched, and hopefully mitigate the damages that are caused by the fire.  Once an alarm has been recieved at the monitoring center a trained professional will notify you and even contact the fire and paramedic units for you immediately.


    4. Flood Monitoring Services

    The company also helps keep water and anxiety levels low by offering flood monitoring services. They install water sensors near water points which alert you and the Monitoring Centers as soon as rising water appears in your home. This can help provide you peace of mind and real cost savings if you were to have a pipe burst, or a drain back up while you were away. Once an alert is received, a trained ADT professional notifies you and the water response team immediately to keep water damage to a minimum.

    5. Carbon Monoxide Services

    Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that is not easy to detect without a carbon monoxide detector . With ADT monitored carbon monoxide sensors, you can breathe comfortably knowing your air is safe. These sensors detect CO in the air and send an alarm to you and to the Monitoring Centers if levels pass a safety threshold. With the long list of potential CO leak sources, this is definitely not something that you want to go unprotected against. With Carbon Monoxide Monitoring You will no longer have to be concerned with the "Silent Killer", as the company then automatically alerts you and emergency personnel.


    6. Video Surveillance

    The company also offers video surveillance services helping you spot trouble from thousand miles away. You can choose from a wide range of sensors and cameras to keep an eye on what matters most. These devices enable you to watch live or recorded clips, shift between views and get alerts for unusual activity. With the advance of the smartphone now all of this can be available right in the palm of your hand. Check on 


    7. Medical Alert Monitoring Services

    Medical Alert monitoring can give our elder loved ones the freedom tof staying at home with  out the danger of a slip and fall accident that goes unnoticed for a prolonged period of time. The company uses two-way voice intercom system to offer medical alert monitoring services. Through push of a button, you can get connected to a trained ADT professional anytime from anywhere. This professional will contact the appropriate emergency response services for you.

    8. Other services

    ADT also offers other customized services such as Voice Control, Custom Settings, Video Doorbell, Garage Door Control and many others


    A Home Security System From ADT Is Only One Piece Of The Puzzle

    When it comes to home security you can never be too prepared. You can't rely only on one thing to keep your home and everyone and everything in it safe, you need to take a multi-layered approached to keep the bad guys out. So while getting a home security system from a company like ADT is a great starting point, it's important that you continue to be vigilant and make smart decisions regarding keeping your home safe. The following tips are meant to act as an additional deterrent to help keep criminals from breaking into your home.

    1. Don't keep a hidden key around your property. Criminals are smart, if they are planning a break in at your home then they will probably case it out for quite a while before making their move. During this time they may very well notice if you have a hidden key on your property. If you are worried about being locked out and that's why you have a key hidden on your property, then ADT can help with that. They offer home automation systems that can allow you to unlock or lock your doors from your smartphone. In an emergency you could even borrow a phone, call ADT, identify yourself, then they can let you back into your house. So you see with ADT there is no need to keep a key hidden on your property.

    2. Keep the exterior of your home well lit. If there is one thing that criminals hate it's being seen. When you have a lot of lighting in your yard it takes away a criminal's ability to hide in the cover of darkness when they are breaking into a home. If you want to take things a step further you should consider using motion sensors in your yard. These types of lights are inexpensive, and when they turn on as a burglar heads toward your home it will generally scare them badly enough to make them run away.

    3. Keep your yard clean and all trees and bushes trimmed. [2] When you have overgrown plants in your yard you are basically giving criminals cover to allow them to sneak into your home more easily without being detected. So make sure that you take the time to trim the trees and hedges. This is especially important near entryways since these are the places that criminals need to use to break into your home.

    4. Make sure that all of your exterior doors are in good shape, and that you have solid locks on all of them. In fact, if you want to take advantage of the home automation services that ADT offers this is a great opportunity to do so. If you have doors that are not reinforced with a solid core, and locks that are not well mounted and in good shape, then you are leaving the entry points to your home vulnerable. Remember that the longer you can delay a criminal trying to get into your home the better off you will be. When a criminal can gain entry with a simple kick to your front door, then they can be in and out so fast that police have no chance at catching them.


    Is ADT The Right Choice For Me ?

    What Makes ADT The Right Choice For Your Home Security Needs?

    If you are interested in a home security system then you probably already realize that there are a lot of options out there for you to choose from. In fact, there are so many options out there that you may not even know where to start. The good news is that there is an easy solution to this and that's to go with ADT. Now you should never make any type of major decision without doing your homework first, so feel free to do so. Take some time to go online and learn about the company and what they offer. Once you do you will probably see that there really aren't any better options out there for you.

    Want a company that has been in business for a long time, has an outstanding reputation and is renowned for their customer service? Well, ADT checks all of those boxes. Want a home security company that uses the latest technology? ADT does that as well. What about pricing? While the specifics of what you pay each month will depend upon what services and equipment you choose to go with, chances are pretty good that whatever your bill is will be a tremendous value. You may be able to find a home security company that costs less money, but you won't find one that offers such great value. Remember it's not all about how much money you save, it's about what you are getting for your money.

    Still not sure? Well, keep in mind that on the day you are reading this there are going to an estimated 545 home invasions in the US. That's a pretty unsettling thought, isn't it? So what happens if you decide to wait and you end up becoming the victim of a break in before you take action? Not only will it cost you money, possibly result in yourself or a family member being hurt, and make you feel unsafe in your home, it will also leave you filled with regret over not doing what you really knew needed to be done. What needs to be done to protect your home is to get a great home security system, fortunately, your local ADT authorized dealer is in the business of providing those to their many satisfied customers.





    Last Updated 10/31/2017