6 Reasons you should purchase an ADT Alarm System

    ADT Alarm Systems are quickly gaining ground as the newest, most revolutionary way to protect your home and your valuable assets. Here are 6 reasons why you should purchase an ADT Monitored Home Security System for your property:

    1. Increase Your Property Value

    Having an ADT alarm installed can do so many things to increase your home value, especially if you're looking to sell. Buyers will have one less thing to worry about, which is more desirable for them when making an offer. The presence of a surveillance camera and an all-around protection system increases curb value, ensuring your renovations and remodeling projects are safe and sound.

    2. Get More Savings

    A monitored security system keeping an eye out on your home can save you homeowner insurance in dues. The rates could be readjusted anytime, and in cases of having ADT alarms, can lower your payment by up to 20%. Considering the average annual homeowner insurance premium is around $700, you can save $150 in fees.

    3. Real-Time Emergency Communication

    Most of the latest ADT alarms have a two-way voice feature directly connecting you with a live dispatcher. In cases of risky life events, emergencies and intruder attacks, you can access this communication system in any part of your home. The Cellguard technology acts as a special emergency number whenever your landline is down or when you can't find your phone. You can also list emergency contacts for when you need to call family members or relatives, which comes in handy when your mind is focused on resolving the immediate concern at hand.

    4. 24/7 Monitoring

    Surveillance systems provide an unparalleled level of security as long as you have electricity and online access. Your home is protected whether you're in it or away for errands or work. You won't have to worry about your family members or property being broken in or entered by unauthorized intruders- simply check the ADT alarm system and you'll have instant peace of mind to concentrate on the tasks or the work ahead.

    5. Prevention Is The Best Cure

    Most home burglaries and break-ins occur while the residents are away on vacation or for work. Criminals are keen on observing your timetable and know the best chances to get in is when no one is around. Installing ADT and putting up a sign that your property is protected will have them think twice before breaking into and entering your home. They will be notified that your house is not an easy target, and will most likely move on.

    6. More Protective Options

    ADT alarms provide a wealth of features in an all-in-one protection package for your home. Aside from deterring burglars and capturing the thieves on camera, you can also opt for more ADT-enabled features. The spectrum of caring for the welfare of your family doesn't end there- you can install carbon monoxide detectors, freeze sensors, water sensors, heat and smoke alarms to gain an advantage over any and all types of home emergencies. In cases of catastrophic emergencies and natural disasters, the ADT dispatchers are on-hand to provide immediate support and assistance.