What sets ADT apart from the rest of the crowd? Here are 6 reasons

    ADT is definitely one most recognizable brand in home security. The company provides protection for your home backed with a reputation of unparalleled service that you can count on. ADT excels in tech home automation and provides the latest state-of-the-art technology you require to transform your living place into a fortified suburb. Serving ss a premium security provider for more than a whopping 142 years, ADT is known as a company who takes their dedication to the safety of your home seriously. With as much as 7 million active customers, it is the largest home security company in North America.

    ADT has a Money-back guarantee!

    ADT stands behind its service by providing a Money-Back Service Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their security system, you are allowed to return it within six months since installation and ADT will refund not only your setup fee but also any monitoring costs ADT also offers a whopping $ 500 Theft Protection Guarantee and a Homeowner Insurance Discount Certificate as well.

    Movers Guarantee

    The company offers a relocation guarantee which provides a comparable equipment package at no additional cost. Any extra equipment required for your new property would be offered at 25 percent off the normal price.

    ADT has Six monitoring centers

    It is only ADT home security company that owns six fully redundant Customer Centers across North America. You can, therefore, count on ADT for incredibly quick and prompt response. ADT understands that whenever an alarm is triggered, quick response really matters and every second count. So these Centers are always on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. In the case of an emergency, a signal will be instantly transmitted to the nearby center and a friendly customer care professional will communicate to both you and the suitable authorities to make sure you are safe. In the case of an unavoidable service disruption, your account is conveniently transferred to another center, so you are always entirely protected.

    Environmental protection

    To add to the superior intrusion cameras and sensors, ADT offers carbon monoxide, smoke and flood alarms, which connect to your security system. Your customer monitoring center is instantly notified whenever any of these alarms goes off, so they can send immediate assistance your way.

    Cellular monitoring

    ADT's Video and Remote packages comes complete with cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring is more secure than the traditional landline monitoring. Landline monitoring can be easily disabled if the intruders cut your phone line which is impossible with cellular monitoring.

    Quick and convenient installations

    When you order home security monitoring from ADT, you can enjoy same-day installation, in most areas. So you don't need to wait around for an installer. Also, the installations doesn't require drilling into your wall.

    Here's the bottom line

    ADT home security is undoubtedly the most trusted and established home security company. For over 14 decades, they have made securing and connecting the centerpiece of what they do. ADT demonstrates their expertise, experience, and values in whatever they do. So if you're looking for a reliable home security company look no further!



    Last Updated 3/1/2017