ADT Pulse Home Automation

    Wouldn't it be awesome and easy if your lights automatically turned off when you left the house? Or you would get a notification of any buglers even when away from home? Instead of rushing around, what if you could program your doors to close at the same time? Wouldn't be easy if your home could automatically disarm when your child comes in after school? These services and more are available through ADT and their ADT Pulse technology. ADT Pulse is an alarm technology that makes home automation simple, less expensive and more secure and convenience.


    ADT Pulse home automation is installed to suit your needs fully. ADT Pulse helps to improve the quality of your busy life by adding convenience and control to your home. From almost any place in the world, your office, the beach, having fun with friends you can keep track of your home easily using ADT Pulse home automation system. Whether you want to know what's happening at home while you are away, want to be more energy-efficient, or just want to see who's at the front door without actually getting up and going to the door, ADT Pulse does it all.


    ADT Pulse Home Automation Features

    1. Video Surveillance

    ADT Pulse Home Automation provides its clients with a range of cameras and sensors that help you oversee on your most treasured home equipment. The cameras allow you to shift between views, get alerts for unusual activities and watch live or recorded clips. Cameras can be seen and controlled to get updates on a cell phone or computer. The cameras can be used to find out who is at the front door before opening the door.


    2. Burglary Monitoring

    ADT Pulse security system has all of the other features to protect the house and the family, like the alarm that will go off and when triggered and alert the monitoring center if there is an attempted break-in. Your home is also armed with window and door sensors that are connected to the alarm, and to the trained professionals of the alarm installers so they can know when your home is at risk of burglary.


    3. Remote arm and disarm

    If you have teens and children who come back from school before you, it's easier to Arm/Disarm your home security on so that you can get a notification when the door is opened.


    4. Security Alerts

    Your Pulse System can notify you of emergency conditions such as fire or excess smoke in the house. When the alarm is on, an alert is sent to the monitoring center representative that will send the fire department within a short span of time. Carbon monoxide monitoring is another security feature of ADT Home Automation security. It helps protect the family from this clear and odorless gas that is very deadly.

    5. Temperature Control

    ADT Pulse enables you to adjust your home's temperature remotely from your smartphone, computer or tablet. The installed smart thermostats are connected to your system and limit energy waste.


    6. Light control

    Installed automated lights enable you to turn lights on and off remotely, indoors and outdoors. You can also put your lights on a schedule for turn on and turn off, so it seems like you're home even when you're out.


    With these features installed in your home, you can be sure that your home is safe even when you are not at home. It also allows you to monitor the activities of your home remotely and effectively.


    Last Updated 6/5/2017