Why should I get an ADT Security System for my home?

    Installing an ADT security system for your home may sound expensive, but ignoring to install one may prove to be more costly. Read on to find out the top reasons to purchase an ADT security system.

    Protection from intruders

    This is the obvious reason most homeowners immediately think of. Well, having a home security system ensures that your family members receive a warning when the would-be burglars attempt a break-in. This way they can get to a safe place in or outside the house as the alarm systems calls the authorities to intervene.

    Detect fire and carbon monoxide

    An ADT home security systems offer an early warning of a fire outbreak or carbon monoxide leaks. Home occupants will be warned of the presence of smoke as well as the sources of the heat in the home. You can opt to set up the security system so that local authorities get instant notifications of such emergencies.

    Lower energy bill

    You can access and control the lighting, thermostat and small appliances of your home through remote access, thus managing your home's energy consumption. This feature helps to shut down heating and cooling when no family member is home. Interestingly, you can turn them on an hour or before going back to the house so that you arrive to a comfortable home. Also, by accessing the air conditioning or heating in your home, you prepare the home for unexpected changes in temperature to prevent pipe damage and which helps to save on electric or gas bills.

    Allows remote access to your home

    The ability to remotely monitor what's happening in your home when you are away could be one of the greatest perks of having an alarm system in your home. With an ADT security system, it becomes much easier to keep an eye on what happens via installed cameras, control the thermostat and monitor the motion detectors, door locks, household lights, as well as other devices in your home.

    Saves on homeowner's Insurance

    Homeowner insurance is a must-have in some circumstances. However, the total discount given as a result of installing an ADT system in your home often differs based on the features of the system. For instance, if the system is managed by a central monitoring unit, it should provide greater discounts as compared to the unmonitored one. But in general, homeowners with a functioning home alarm system can receive a discount of up to 20% on their insurance.

    Gives peace of mind

    The sense of security for those families that leave family members home alone for extended periods is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. You will be sure that they are safe from a variety of devastating scenarios, and next to being safe, the peace of mind and confidence will sail you to a more productive and focused level.

    There you have it! Now you know that an ADT security system for your home is more than just security. Don't wait any longer to have it installed in your home.


    Last Updated 8/8/2017