When it comes to the security of your family and home, you only want the best, right?

    So choosing the best home security products to protect your home and family is crucial. You don't want to put the safety and security of your family to something that is not reliable.

    In this article, I am giving you an in-depth guide on how you can choose the best home security company.  I'm comparing two of the best home security companies that will help you decide in choosing what will best suit your family's security needs.

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     ADT and FrontPoint

    ADT and FrontPoint are two of the largest and most well-known home security companies in the world today. Combined they cover a large portion of the households that have a security system in place in order to protect their family and their property.

    Unfortunately, the world that we live in requires all of us to be vigilant and to take steps to protect ourselves and our families from the threat posed by criminals. Will a home security system make your home impregnable? No, but it will make it a less appealing target which is exactly what your goal should be.

    A criminal doesn't want a challenge, they want a quick score where they can get away with little chance of being caught. So when a criminal sees that you have a home security system then there's a good chance that burglarizing your home will suddenly lose its appeal.

    Why Is A Home Security System So Important?

    The biggest reason that you need a home security system is to keep the bad guys from wanting to target your home. Burglary, which in being in a place unlawfully and stealing property is one of the more common crimes that occurs on a regular basis.

    Unfortunately for some people that don't have a solid grasp of reality the thought that a burglary will never happen to them is common. Then one day they come home and find their home violated and the reality of the situation kicks in. While the thought of a break in is awful enough, there is also the much worse issue of having a criminal break in and do harm to you or a family member.

    In fact as of 2015 property related crimes have continued to slowly decline whereas violent crimes increased by about 4%. Believe me when I tell you that the last ting you ever want to have to deal with is having you or a family member at the mercy of a violent criminal that has broken into your home.



    Comparing ADT And Frontpoint Home Security


    ADT and Frontpoint actually have quite a bit in common, as well as quite a few differences. One of the main areas that these companies have in common is their usage of a cellular signal in order to keep your alarm system connected to them. A landline can be used for a home security system, but this is something that is easily defeated by a criminal.

    A simple snip and that landline goes down, and with your alarm system. With a cellular signal, there is no wire to cut, which means that bypassing the alarm should prove to be far more difficult. Each company is also in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, offers a variety of sensor options, and they both have similar monthly monitoring costs.

    While ADT and Frontpoint have a lot in common they are also different in many key areas. One of those main areas is in how the equipment for your security system is provided to you. With ADT you lease the equipment from them, which means you are going to be paying a little more each month in addition to the monthly monitoring fee.

    With Frontpoint, you have to buy the equipment up front, which means that you will have a larger upfront expenditure if you go with them instead of ADT. It really comes down to you deciding if you want to pay more up front and have a lower monthly bill, or if you want to avoid that upfront cost and pay a bit more each month.

    Frontpoint also offers do it yourself installation while ADT does not. Whether or not you consider this a perk depends upon how much of a hands-on approach you like to take in projects around your home. If you consider yourself handy then installing your own security system might appeal to you. Another advantage of doing your own installation is that you don't have to invite a stranger into your home when you sign up for your security system. While ADT definitely does a thorough background check into any of their technicians you can never be 100% certain that they don't have an ulterior motive. Is it likely that an ADT technician will prove to be a threat? Not all, but it is possible.

    Another key difference between ADT and Frontpoint is how they handle the monitoring of your home security system. ADT handles on monitoring of your security system in a house. On the other hand, Frontpoint outsources their monitoring services. While Frontpoint certainly only outsources to a trusted company, this is still not as good of an option as having the monitoring done in house. Basically, in this regard, ADT demonstrates a higher commitment to their customers since they are personally involving themselves in the protection of their homes.
    Frontpoint and ADT also differ in the types of contracts that they offer.

    With ADT you have to sign a contract for 3 years of service, and if you break that contract then you will have to pay a significant amount of money to them. On the other hand with Frontpoint, they offer contracts that start at 1 year and top out at 3 years. This means that Frontpoint offers more flexibility for their customers, which is often a big selling point.


    So How Do You Decide Between Frontpoint And ADT?

    Now that you know a little more about Frontpoint and ADT you may still be on the fence in terms of which company you should contract with for your home security needs. The good news is that should you choose either company you can't really go wrong. They both offer similar pricing and excellent sensors and monitoring. Ultimately the differences between these companies are fairly minimal.

    If you prefer more contract flexibility and do it yourself installation, then go with Frontpoint. If you want to have the installation done for you and you want all monitoring of your system done in house, then go with ADT. In either case, you will be providing the type of home security system for your home that will make any criminal think twice before trying to break into your house.