Front Point Home Security is a home security company that can give you the one thing that we all want, peace of mind. You don't want to go away for the weekend then worry about coming back home to a house that has been broken into. You don't want to go to bed at night and then worry about a home invasion. Life is too short to spend it worrying about anything, so don't worry about it. How can you not worry about home security? You can do it by letting someone else do the worrying for you. Front Point Home Security will monitor your home using state of the art security equipment so that even when you aren't keeping an eye out someone else is. The bottom line here is that if you don't have a home security system then you are giving any criminal that wants to free reign to break into your home. They know that without a home security system in place they are much less likely to get caught, which makes your home an appealing target. Front Point Home Security can help you to avoid this, it can help you to get a security system that will make criminals think twice before they decide to break into your home.

    Features That Make Front Point Home Security A Great Choice

    1. Front Point Protection Plan
    Looking for a low cost, but still very effective home security plan? Then the Front Point Protection Plan is probably right up your alley. Like all of their other plans they use cellular monitoring which is the most secure and reliable type of signal that you can use for a home security system. The wireless technology has no wires to cut which means it is tamper resistant. With this type of security system in place the only way someone is getting into your home uninvited is by tripping an alarm. We all know how criminals feel about getting caught, so if they can't get in without setting of your alarm they are likely going to move on to an easier target. The Front Point Protection Plan also offers environmental monitoring which includes monitoring for carbon monoxide, water leaks, and smoke. Their system's sensors will detect problems so that they can alert you and contact whatever emergency services may be needed.

    2. Front Point Interactive Plan
    Want all of the great features of the Protection Plan plus some more great features as well as smart phone integration? Then you would probably be very interested in the Front Point Interactive Plan. The Front Point Interactive Plan lets you access and control your home's security system remotely through your smart phone. Forgot to turn it on when you left the house? No problem, just use your phone to turn it on. Don't feel like getting out of bed to turn on your home security system? Then don't, just use your phone instead. This plan also offers security in the event that someone smashes your home's security panel in an effort to cut you off from help. Should that happen emergency services are immediately dispatched to get you the help you need.

    3. Front Point Unlimited Plan
    The final offering from Front Point is their Unlimited Plan. This plan includes all of the features and benefits of the Interactive Plan plus more features that will give you the best home security that you could ever hope for. Curious about what's going on at home? With the Unlimited Plan you can remotely view security cameras in your home. So if you get an alert that there has been an alarm you can easily log in to see if there is a problem. This lets you know exactly what is going on so that when you are contacted by the Front Point you can tell them if there is an intruder. The Unlimited Plan also gives you the ability to remotely lock or unlock doors. That means if you want to you can check your door locks when you are away, and if needed lock them. Have someone show up that needs to be let in and you aren't home? You can also remotely unlock the doors for them. Finally the Unlimited Plan also enables you to control and automate energy usage such thermostat controls remotely.

    What Makes Front Point Home Security The Right Choice For You?
    Front Point Home Security is a great choice for your home security because they offer flexible plans that all provide a great deal of protection. You can choose from a more basic plan, which still provides great protection, or opt for more bells and whistles by going with a more advanced plan. The bottom line here is that they have devised a way for just about anyone on any type of budget to be able to afford the home security that we all need and desire. You don't want to come home and have your home broken into because you didn't think you could afford the cost of a monthly security system bill. With Front Point Home Security's many different plan options you don't have to worry about affordability since you can pick a plan that works with your budget.

    Why else should you choose Front Point Home Security? The simplest answer to that question is that they are committed to excellence and they are committed to providing you with the best service possible. When it comes to customer satisfaction a poll of their current customers shows that 96% of them would recommend Front Point to their friends or family members. That's a huge majority of their customers that are very satisfied with their service. Another great reason to choose them for your home security needs is that on top of providing great service they also only use the best technology available. When it comes to your home security you can't afford to take chances. You can't afford to try to be cheap and save money by using substandard equipment. Your family deserves the best protection you can provide, and that means using Front Point Home Security.

    Last Updated 3/13/2017