Off the top of your head, what are some great ways to add value to your home?

    You could add a patio to your home. You can even change the flooring.

    Have you thought about adding some technology?

    There are tons of ways to turn your home into a 'smart house'. Many think of temperature controls and lighting changes as some changeable home ideas. Yet, there is also an added subject about technology in your home: safety.

    No, we're not talking about fake security signs that might prevent intruders. There are wireless home security systems that can help protect your family. These added security measures benefit you no matter where you are!

    Making Your Home Smarter

    Think of your home as a computer. Computers tend to get viruses and unwanted bugs, right?

    Well, so does your home. It may only happen once, but once is enough. Your computer getting a bad virus is like an intruder in your home. It can be a costly and frightening experience.

    According to the FBI, a burglary occurs about once every 15 seconds. On top of that, the cost for each break-in can often be around $2,000 or more.

    There are other security issues that a wireless security system can help with. Damaging natural disasters, gas leaks, floods, and fires can all become a problem as well.

    Do I Need It?

    Have you thought about what would happen if someone broke into your home while you weren't there?

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is also a possibility. Though your chimney and heating were set up, it may not have been built correctly.

    Some push it to the back of their mind, thinking, "That would never happen in my neighborhood or my home." That is not entirely true. According to the FBI:

    Sure, you can get a dog and hope that it can prevent a break-in. You can also make sure your heating and chimney were set up correctly. Or, you can invest in your home by adding to its value and safety for you and your family.

    Future Thinking

    For homeowners, there is no real downside to adding to your wireless security system. If you're staying in your home or want to sell, it can help you feel safe and protected.

    Adding a wireless home security system may not add much money to selling your house. Yet, can also be one of its selling features to those interested in buying or renting!

    It is hard to say just how much adding technology to your house can have on its resale value. The absence of 'smart home' gadgets may also have an effect on trying to sell or rent your house.

    In a survey from 2013, 48% ranked a wireless security system the most-wanted home feature.

    Think of a wireless home security system as an investment. It is hard to put a price tag on keeping you and your family safe!

    Types of Wireless Security Systems

    Wireless home security doesn't mean door alarms or window alarms only. There are many different security systems and detection devices out there.

    Whether you're home when it happens or not, it is important to protect your belongings!

    Some types of wireless home security systems include:

    Those are just some of the types of systems to keep you and your family safe. Want quick tips on how to start your home security upgrades? Here are the 6 best ways to increase your home security. Even simple fixes can make a difference in protecting your home!

    Insurance Deductions

    A wireless home security system can help prevent break-ins and give you peace of mind. Whether you're at home or out-and-about, protection is a must have.

    You can even get a discount on homeowner's insurance while protecting your home! Deductions as much as 20% on homeowner's insurance can be available. Make sure the wireless system connects to emergency services in your local area!

    Benefits to Adding Wireless Home Security

    If you're still not convinced that home security should be a part of your home's value, consider this:

    Have you ever been afraid to leave your house for extended periods of time? Ever asked a neighbor to help watch your house and keep it safe?

    There are many ways to keep your home safe while you are away:

    1. Security Cameras - Cameras are a great way to wirelessly check in on your home while you're away. Check out our in-depth article about the top home security cameras of 2017. We even can give you tips on where to put the cameras!
    2. Door Locks - One of the most useful 'smart home' wireless security system features to have. If you've ever felt like you've left your front door unlocked after leaving home, rest easy! With a simple touch of your smartphone or tablet, you can make sure all doors in your home are secure.
    3. Monitored Systems - Most security systems have a monitored system with real people. They will alert you if an emergency happens when you're not around. They can also contact your local emergency departments should you need their help.

    There are tons of other benefits to having a home security system that is wireless. If you need to move, most companies can bring your wireless home security system to your new home!

    How We Can Help

    Want more tips on wireless security systems?

    Alarm System Tips has everything you could need! We can keep you up-to-date about wireless home security systems and more!

    We even compiled best home security systems of 2017 article. It shows our ranking of the top companies that provide wireless home security. We want to help keep you protected!

    Having a wireless home security system can help protect you and your family. It can also raise the value of your home, all the while giving you peace of mind.