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    Jason Kratt lives in Southern California with his wife and two young boys. He loves taking his Rhodesian Ridgeback out for runs and playing catch with his sons.


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    Home Security Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About

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    carbon monoxide sources

    One of the first things you do when you move into a new home? Check the smoke alarms. After all, it's the law in most states that dwellings have functioning smoke detectors installed.

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    Protect Your Info With These 5 Best Wallet Safe

    Wallets, after all, do not only carry our cash, but they also contain much of our personal information via our credit cards, ATMs, identification cards, and more. Such confidential and sensitive information, therefore, ought to be protected against, even if we can’t tell when or where we could be subject to pickpockets or thievery. As such, having a RFID wallet or mini safe would really help stall, if not deter, thieves from getting their hands on your info.

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    Solar Eclipse Glasses For You and the Family

    Unfortunately, you can’t simply look at a solar eclipse since the intensity of the light emitted by our Sun can actually cause serious, and possibly even permanent, damage to your eyes. Thankfully, there’s no more reason to miss this rare lifetime event, as solar eclipse viewing glasses now exist to help you safely view an eclipse. This article will list down five of the best solar eclipse viewing glasses out there.

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    Top 10 Window Locks For Your Home

    It can be especially frustrating to keep your house orderly and safe from criminal activity, but it’s a task that must be observed with zeal for the sake of your loved ones. Fortunately, one of the simplest ways by which you can protect against such incidents is by installing effective locks into your apartment, not just on your doors, but also on your windows. This article provides a full buyer’s guide, including a top 10 list of the best window locks for your home.

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    Best Door and Window Alarms For Your Home

    Making sure that your home is equipped with the best door and window alarms is a great way to help keep criminals from breaking into your home. As such, this article will discuss the five best door and window alarms that you can get for your own house.

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    8 Best Dash Cams For Your Vehicle

    Thankfully, something as simple as a dash camera is one of the best ways to protect yourself from a wide range of potential problems. From bad drivers to corrupt police officers, a dash cam offers you a way to ensure that the truth will come out. While we hope you never find yourself in such a situation, footage from a dash camera could prove invaluable under the right circumstances. Here’s a guide to the Top 8 dash cams you can get for your car.

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    Top 10 Motion Sensor Lights For Your Home

    As such, criminals’ No. 1 enemy would be motion sensor lights--a simple-to-install, yet surprisingly effective security tool you can use to help keep the bad guys at bay. By getting your motion detector lights up and running today, you can add some level of protection against burglaries. The following are a list of the 10 best motion sensor lights out there that you should consider adding to your home.

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    Top 5 Steering Wheel Locks For Cars

    If you want to protect your car and make it as unappealing of a target as possible. then using a steering wheel lock is a great investment for you to make. This article will discuss what a steering wheel lock can do for you and your car and the Top 5 best steering wheel locks you can get on the market.

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    Top 5 Smoke Alarms For Your Home

    Not only will a house fire cost you a lot of money and destroy your valuables, it can also endanger the lives of your family. That’s why it’s important that every homeowner should have a reliable smoke detector. Read on to find out more about smoke detectors and the top five smoke detectors you can get for your family.

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