Link Interactive Home Security is a home security company that is well known for their top of the line products, their do it yourself installation process, and their dedication to customer service and security monitoring. Anyone that has ever come home to find their house has been broken into will probably tell you that they never expected this kind of thing to happen to them. They will also probably tell you that recovering from a break in like this can take a lot of time and money. Not only do you have to deal with filing insurance claims, replacing lost items, and repairing damage, you also have to deal with the emotional impact as well. The thought that some criminal broke into your home, where your family sleeps, is very disconcerting. Following a break in a lot of people will realize that the only way to keep your home as safe as possible is to make it as unattractive as possible to criminals. Having a home security system is one of the ways you can do this, and Link Interactive Home Security can help you to get a great system at a great price.

    What Kinds Of Features Does Link Home Security Offer?

    1. Link Interactive Home Security takes a do it yourself approach to home security. While this may intimidate some people, over 90% of Link customers will tell you that they managed to complete the installation process without much of a hassle. There are several advantages to a do it yourself home security system, and once you realize it then it becomes clear that this really is the best way to proceed. With a do it yourself system you will save money on installation costs, and you will also be able to set up your home security system how you want it done. On top of that you won't have to invite a stranger into your home. While most home security installation companies hire people only after doing a background check, you never can be too careful when you are lettings someone you don't know into your home.

    2. While the installation process is do it yourself, once your home security system is up and running you will have the benefit of 24 hour a day monitoring. With most home security companies when an alarm is triggered you get a text, or a call, or an alert on your smart phone app. That's great for when you have a false alarm, but what about when you have someone in your home stealing from you, or worse yet hurting you or your family? Those precious few minutes between them sending you an alert and actually contacting law enforcement can be an eternity in a life and death situation. Link Interactive Home Security can actually tap directly into your home's system and communicate with you through a security panel. You can tell them you need help, or if you don't answer then they send help. It's this type of security monitoring that makes them unique and gives you the highest level of protection.

    3. How often does your home internet go down? Hopefully not that often, but it's far from a reliable signal to have your home security system dependent upon. That's why Link uses a cellular signal that is much more reliable. The bottom line is that when it comes to home security you need to be able to rely on your security system. No matter how great yours system is, if it's not using a reliable signal source then your home is vulnerable.

    4. Link Home Security Also Offer a takeover program in the event that you already have a security system installed. They can help you to switch out your old equipment, and can even expand upon what you already have. Whether you aren't happy with the service, pricing, or anything else about your current home security system you owe it to yourself to make a change. Link Home Security can help you to do this.

    5. Interested in an added layer of protection that burglars and other criminals absolutely hate seeing in a home they are targeting? Well then add home security cameras to your home security system. Cameras create evidence of a crime that is very hard to refute, so a criminal that sees cameras on your property will likely decide that moving on to the next house is probably in their best interest.
    What Makes Link Interactive Home Security Unique?

    Link Interactive Home Security believes that above all else you should feel safe and protected in your home. Your home is your refuge from the world, and it's a place you and your family will spend a lot of time in together. Because of this they have adopted a unique approach to home security. By allowing their customers to install their own equipment they save them money, while also letting customers feel empowered since they are able to make their own choices about how to set up their home security system. This combined with their amazing 24 hour a day monitoring service makes them an ideal home security company for just about anyone on any type of budget.

    Link Home Security is a company that cares about it's customers and will do whatever they can to help their customers feel as safe in their home as possible. Whether you have been the victim of a break in, or want to prevent having to deal with one, a solid home security system is the right move to make. The bottom line is that a home without a home security system is practically begging for a criminal to break into it. It's almost like an open invitation that says that you have valuables inside that are left unprotected making them easy pickings. Don't make the mistake of making your home an appealing target for criminals. While there's nothing you can do to keep every criminal out, you can take steps to make your home as unappealing of a target as possible. Having a home security system from Link Interactive Home Security is one of the best things you can do to make criminals decide to move on to another target.

    Last Updated 2/28/2017