If you are like me then when you think of Home Security the first name that comes to mind is ADT... Right? 

     Well in this article we will go over just what is involved in purchasing a home security system from your local Adt Authorized Dealer in Aulander, NC 27805. 

    ADT Authorized Dealer Aulander, NC 27805

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    ADT Authorized Dealer in Aulander, NC 27805

    Once you realize that you need a home security system the first thing you need to do when considering which company to use is to look at the benefits that their home security systems offer. After all if you are going to be spending your hard earned money on something you want to make sure you are getting good value.

    Why does this matter? It matters because you want to have a home security system that does its job, but you also don't want to be paying more money than you should for that system. 

    The good news here is that after you go over the following list of ADT Home Security & Home Automation features you will realize what a lot of other people have already realized, that ADT is a great choice for keeping your home safe, and ADT Pulse gives you home automation features that every home owner in Aulander, NC 27805 is looking for.

    1. ADT Home Security is the oldest and best-known security company in the industry.

    Why does this matter? It matters because most criminals in Aulander, NC 27805 are also aware of ADT's reputation. When they see a sign in your yard that says "ADT" on it, in most cases, they are going to instantly recognize the name and realize what it means. That's the exact reaction that you want when a criminal approaches your house. You don't want them wondering if the sign you have up for a home security system is real or not. You don't want then wondering if you are using some cheap home security system that is easy to bypass. You want them to see the name "ADT" and decide it's not worth it.

    2. ADT Home Security has 6 monitoring centers all dedicated to keeping their customer's homes safe.

    Why does this matter? It matters because it speaks to just serious they are about providing excellent monitoring for all of their customers. When you have a home security company that only uses a handful of monitoring stations there are vulnerabilities involved. When you choose ADT you are getting access to 6 centers with over 300 call center stations at each. Thats the type of redundancy you want to make sure your home is safe.

    Now that you know a couple of the benefits to having ADT Aulander, NC 27805 as your monitored alarm system provider the best thing you can do before making an informed decision for an ADT monitored alarm system is to find out more about the service. Finding details about service level agreements, committment term, up front cost,monthly from a local ADT Authorized Dealer in Aulander, NC 27805 can go a long way in helping to get the most out of your alarm system. Before buying from a local ADT Authorized Dealer in Aulander, NC 27805, think about asking the following important questions to remove any doubts that you wont be happy.

    ADT Prices & Plans


    $ 27.99 per month
    • Security Monitoring *landline required

    Basic Wireless

    $ 48.99 per month
    • Wireless Security Monitoring
    • CellGaurd ®

    ADT Pulse + Video

    $ 58.99 per month
    • Wireless Security Monitoring
    • CellGaurd ®
    • Mobile Access + Alerts
    • Video Surveillance

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the contract last?

    The short answer to "is there a contract with ADT home security" is yes. The great thing though is that unlike many other home security contracts your contract with an ADT Authorized Dealer is straight forward. They are direct about the contract terms and do not hide any caveats. For instance, while alot of companies require you to sign up to long contracts because they offer free installation, the contract is for three years and renews at 2-year increments. 

    One thing you should consider when signing a contract with any home security company is just how long has this company been in business. If the company is new to the industry, you could be signing a contract for a company that will be out of business before the term is up. You are trusing your family's security to the company you sign a contract with, and you definitly don't want to put your family's safety in the hands of a company that might not be around when you need them most. 

    What is next after buying my ADT monitored security system in Aulander, NC 27805?

    After the transaction with your ADT Authorized Dealer in Aulander, NC 27805, ADT's Authorized Dealer will offer window decals that also come with a yard sign that will be placed both in your windows and yard respectively. You should do this immediatley after your purchase. The window decals and signage will go a long way in assisting to keep away possible burglars from breaking in in to your residence. They won't stop there either; The ADT Authorized Dealer will also make sure to schedule your installation. They schedule this at your convenience by making available flexible installation schedules that run from 8am-12am to late afternoons and also during the weekends.

    What should I expect after my installation?

    After the installation of your ADT monitored security system , your installer will walk you through how your system works. The installer will also provide you with all of the information needed to use your alarm system. They should also go over the relocation discount program, and the different ADT guarantees. ADT has both a Theft guarantee and a 6-month money back guarantee (certain restrictions apply). You will also find great emergency contact information for both your local ADT Authorized Dealer and ADT corporate. We recommend that you store it safely, but also at a reachable distance for emergency and future reference.


    Will my ADT Authorized Dealer in Aulander, NC 27805 be available if I have questions?

    Of course, your ADT Authorized Dealer in Aulander, NC 27805 will be at your service anytime any day to answer your questions and solve any problems that may arise in regards to your ADT monitored security system. It values each and every one of its customer and has a ton of smart and customer friendly agents who work 24/7 to make sure customers are satisfied and enjoy their system. You are even promised a demo anytime you call on your local ADT Authorized Dealer. With utmost patience, your dealer will gladly take you and your loved ones through the whole process.

    By asking the ADT Authorized Dealer in Aulander, NC 27805  such valuable questions before purchasing your ADT monitored security service, you increase the probability of getting the best out of your adt monitored security service. What's more, you can avoid unnecessary surprises that come with moving or cancelled contracts. In the end, you should be very happy with your Home security system.


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    Last Updated 9/4/2017