Keeping criminals from breaking into your home and making sure your house is impregnable take effort and commitment... thats obvious right?

    As long as you have something in your home of value, then you could easily end up being targeted. But while you can’t completely make your house impregnable, you can easily a variety of security components to make your home the type of fortress that no criminal wants to mess with. And a master lock dual-function security bar is exactly that: a low-cost solution to help keep your exterior doors secure.

    This article will discuss how this security bar can help you keep intruders at bay and add into your home’s security.

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    Master Lock Dual Function Security Bar


    A Master Lock Dual-Function Security Bar Provides Excellent Protection

    When do you think you and your family are the most vulnerable? It's when you are not at home. If a criminal broke into your home while you weren't there, it's going to be upsetting. You will be angry, feel violated, and probably won't feel safe in your home for a long time. Let’s not forget the financial impact of such an intrusion, as you will have to pay for any damages replace any missing property. Sure, you may have homeowner's insurance to cover your expenses, but is that really something you want to have to deal with?

    While the prospect of a criminal breaking in while you aren't home and stealing from you might be upsetting, you should be far more concerned about what you would do if someone broke in while you and your family were home and asleep. You are never more vulnerable than when you are sleeping, so if a criminal manages to get in undetected there's no telling how much terror and horror they can inflict on you and your family. This is where the master lock dual-function security bar comes into play. It's a low-tech and low-cost solution that will work well at keeping the bad guys out.

    In 2015, burglary accounted for nearly 20 percent of all property-related crimes. This number only reflects property-based crimes and does not include break-ins with assaults and other violent crimes. Those two, in particular, accounted for over 71% of all crimes in 2015.

    The world is a dangerous place and it's not going to get any better. That means it's up to you to protect your family, and the master lock dual-function security bar can help you do that.


    What is a Door Security Bar and How Does It Help Keep Criminals Out?

    A door security bar is simply a solid metal bar that attaches to your door, usually under the doorknob, and then is braced against the ground. So when someone tries to kick a door with a security bar, the energy from their attempt is largely transferred to the ground. So instead of having to rely upon your door hinges and locks hoping that they are secure enough to take a beating, you can use a door security bar instead.

    Will a door security bar be able to keep someone out? It probably will, but if someone wants in badly enough they are going to find a way. But breaking through a door with a security bar is going to be loud, and it's going to take a lot of time.

    Another added bonus to using a door security bar is that you can install it even if you’re just renting a house. Most alarm companies won't touch a house unless you are the homeowner, but a security bar requires no special installation. You just open the box, read the instructions, and use your bar. In fact, they are so easy to use that many people take them with them when they travel to secure their hotel rooms while they sleep.



    What Makes the Master Lock Dual-Function Security Bar the Right Choice For You?

    When deciding between different security bar options, keep in mind that the goal isn't to get the cheapest door bar possible. Instead, your goal is to get a door security bar that is very durable and effective, and if you can do this while paying less money then that's just an added bonus.

    If you are looking for a product that meets both of these criteria then you are looking for the master lock dual-function security bar. It is highly effective, and you are probably going to be looking at a cost of a little over $50 to get it. Isn't the safety of your family worth more than $50? Isn't your peace of mind also worth more than $50? Of course, the answer to both of these questions is yes, and that's why you should choose the master lock dual-function security bar. So what are some of its key features?

    Key Features

    1. It is fully adjustable and can be used for just about any sliding door or hinged door.
    2. It has a large padded foot to help prevent slipping, and also to help facilitate the energy transfer into the ground when someone is trying to kick your door in.
    3. It's made of high-grade 20 gauge steel, which means that it is built to last and take a beating.

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