To us parents, our kids are the most important people in the world and we will absolutely do anything to protect them, right?

    Although we want to be the ones taking care of our kids, it is still inevitable that we sometimes need to get the services of a nanny to look after our kids while we are gone due to work or any other circumstances.  But being out and not physically with our kids doesn't mean we can't check in on what's going on.  A nanny cam helps us assure ourselves that our kids are safe and secure, hopefully giving us some peace of mind while we are not with our kids.

    But don't be too quick in getting a nanny cam!  It's important that you read first this guide that I have prepared for you in getting a nanny cam and be equipped.

    In this article, I have covered the following helpful topics in getting a nanny cam:


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    Nanny Cam


    What is a nanny cam and why would you want to get one?

    A nanny cam is a small, hidden camera that was named this way because it is frequently used by parents to secretly keep an eye on nannies and other caregivers for their children. As a parent, you probably wish you could always be there for your kids and that you would be able to handle all of their wants and needs yourself. But this isn't a perfect world and you probably have a job and lots of other responsibilities that make it impossible for you to be the only person caring for your children. That means that you are going to need some help, and for many parents that help takes the form of hiring a nanny or a babysitter.

    Now the first thing you should do when you are going to hire anyone to watch your children is to make sure that it's someone that you feel is trustworthy. If it's a family friend or family member then you probably know quite a bit about them anyway. If it's a stranger that you are hiring then you need to spend some time and do a little online research to find out about them. In fact, you should probably even consider using a company to do a background check. With all of that being said the reality is that no matter how careful you are there are no guarantees, and that means you need to take things a step further. You have to do whatever you can to make sure that your kids are being cared for and that the person you trust to watch them isn't mistreating them in any way. The easiest way to do this is with a nanny cam.

    There Are Two Types Of Nanny Cams That You Should Consider Using

    1. Hidden nanny cam

    This is a camera hidden in a stuffed animal or another inconspicuous place that will allow you to watch your kids and their nanny or babysitter secretly. This will give you an honest answer as to how your nanny or babysitter treats your children when you aren't around. Most people revert to their most natural behaviors when there is nobody watching, and that means if they are going to be abusive you should be able to pick up on it quickly with a hidden nanny cam.

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    2. A nanny cam that is in plain sight

    The other option you should consider is using a nanny cam that is in plain sight. The biggest advantage here is that you are basically putting your nanny or babysitter on notice that you are keeping an eye on things. This can also help you out in a legal sense since it is illegal in many states to record someone with a hidden camera without their consent. One of the best ways to think about a plain sight nanny cam is kind of like a cop driving down the street with traffic. Most people aren't going to speed or do anything reckless because they see that they will get caught. Now a cop hidden with a radar gun will catch more bad drivers, but if you think about it is much better to prevent bad driving than it is to punish those that are guilty of it. That's the type of mentality you should have with a plain view nanny cam. You want to prevent bad behavior on the part of your nanny or babysitter to protect your kids, as opposed to taking action at a later time to punish someone that was abusive toward them.

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    One of the most important things to keep in mind about any type of camera or recording device that you use in your home is that it's illegal to record audio of people without telling them about it ahead of time. Not only is any evidence of abuse you record going to be inadmissible in court, in many cases the abusive nanny or babysitter may be able to bring charges against you or sue you civilly. So even if you decide to use a nanny cam that records audio that is in plain sight make sure that you get your nanny or babysitter to sign something stating that they acknowledge and accept that you are recording them, and to make sure you are covered you should ask them to state it on camera as well. Any potential nanny or babysitter that refuses to accept this is someone that you definitely don't want watching your kids. After all, if you have nothing to hide then why would you object to being recorded?

    For your benefit, the following is a list of states where it is illegal to record audio of someone on a nanny cam without telling them ahead of time:

    • California
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Hawaii
    • Illinois
    • Louisiana
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • Montana
    • Nevada
    • New Hampshire
    • Oregon
    • Pennsylvania
    • Washington


    Are There Any Dangers That You Should Be Aware Of When You Have A Nanny Cam?

    Whenever you are dealing with any kind of wireless device there is always going to be the potential for someone to hack into it and use it for their own purposes. In fact, there have been several cases in recent years where criminals have hacked into and taken control of a nanny cam for their own sick purposes. Is this a concern? It absolutely is, but it's important to remember that these cases are the exception and not the rule.

    The following are things that you can do to make sure that your nanny cam will not be used by someone other than the people you want to have access to it.

    1. Register Your Nanny Cam With The Manufacturer

    Taking this little step, which requires minimal effort on your part, is a great way to help ensure that your nanny cam isn't going to end up becoming a threat to your children. When you register your nanny cam any security flaws that are discovered by the manufacturer will be reported to you so you can take whatever steps are necessary to make your cam safe again.

    2. Use Strong Passwords

    This is something that everyone should be used for any type of electronic access that requires a password. Far too many people will use a really simple password so they don't forget it, only to later discover that their password was guessed by a criminal because of how simple it was. As a general rule of thumb, any password you have should be at least 15 characters long, use upper and lower case letters, include numbers, and include symbols as well. You also need to avoid using any common words such as your name, number combinations like your birthday, and any other components to your password that can be guessed by a criminal if they have any of your personal information.

    3. Make Sure Your WiFi Is Encrypted

    This is another common sense thing that you should be doing anyway, and if you aren't then it's something you should address today. Make sure that your WiFi has a password on it, and that you don't share that password or make it an easy to guess. If a cybercriminal has access to your WiFi then they have a way in that will allow them to do things like access your nanny cam.

    4. Set Up Alerts Through Google

    If you really want to ensure that your nanny cam is not being accessed by anyone else you can use Google alerts to let you know every time there is a new story out there about nanny cams. This will allow you to stay up to date and catch any breaking news about vulnerabilities in nanny cams that criminals have learned to exploit.

    Infographic on how you can protect your nanny cam from hackers

    We don't want unscrupulous strangers viewing our kids from the nanny cam so check this out and make sure your nanny cam is secure.

    nanny cam


    The Top 7 Nanny Cams And Their Pros And Cons


    1. Camscura Micro Hidden Camera Black Box

    This is a hidden type of nanny cam that is small but still offers a powerful resolution. This camera is small enough to conceal just about anywhere, and if you are looking for a way to secretly record what is going on in your home then this camera is just what you are looking for.

    - Compact size and easily concealable will fit just about anywhere.
    - Rechargeable so you don't need to deal with batteries or power cords.
    - Doesn't record audio so you don't have to worry about the legal implications of recording audio.
    - High definition video gives you a clear picture of what is going on.

    - The price for this camera is about $150 which is on the higher end.
    - There is no WiFi capability so you have to use video cards and download the contents to view. - On the plus side, this also means that you don't have to worry about someone hacking into your nanny cam. 

    2. Conbrov Wf90 HD Mini WiFi Indoor Motion Activated Security Camera Monitor

    This small camera has a 155-degree wide-angle view which means that you can capture a lot of your home even though the camera itself is small and compact.

    - Super wide angle lens means you can set up your camera in a way that it records a large area of your home.
    - This camera offers two-way audio so you can communicate through it with people in your home.
    - Motion activated sensor will send you an alert to your smartphone when the camera is activated.
    - Plugs into an outlet so there is no need for batteries.

    - Not a covert camera, which means that it can only be used if you want everyone to be aware that there is a camera there.
    - Uses a looped recording system that automatically records over the oldest footage once the storage is full, so you have to check your camera often.
    - Since the camera uses WiFi there is a danger of it being hacked.

    3. Falcon Watch Hawkcam Pro

    Using a simple to set up QR scan feature you can get this small and powerful camera up and run in next to no time.

    - QR scan feature lets you get set up quickly.
    - Allows for two-way audio so you can communicate with the people in your home when you aren't there.
    - Offer motion activation so the camera will turn on when there is activity.
    Has night vision capabilities.

    - Offers no rear-facing capability, which means you will need a second camera in some cases.

    4. SANCCTM Wireless Nanny/Nursery Cam

    Designed as an open view nursery cam this nanny cam will give you a wide angle of what is going on in your child's nursery, and it can also be used to monitor other parts of a home.

    - Tilts and pans giving you up to 355 degrees of viewing in the room it is mounted in.
    - Offers two-way audio.
    - This nanny cam only runs about $60 so it is affordable for most budgets.
    - Motion sensor activates the camera and alerts you via an app on your smartphone.
    Uses WiFi.

    - It is illegal to hide this device, so it is another example of an in plain sight camera.
    - Uses WiFi so there is a chance it could be hacked into.

    5. Hidden Camera Clothes Hook

    This is a really interesting nanny cam that any fan of spy gadgets will love. Disguised as a simple coat hook this is in fact actually a powerful nanny cam that will let you keep tabs on your kids and their caretakers.

    - Very cheap these only run about $15.
    - Easy to hide, almost nobody will ever even suspect that there is a hidden camera present.
    - Battery operated, but the battery only lasts for about 2 hours.

    - Short battery life.
    - No WiFi, so you have to manually download footage, but on the plus side, there is no risk of the camera being hacked.
    - Low-resolution images, but for the price, it's still not bad.
    - No audio recording capabilities.
    - Uses a 16GB storage card, so there is limited storage capacity.

    6. UOKOO Wireless Surveillance Camera

    Remote controlled with a full 360-degree viewing capability due to its ability to pan and rotate, this is a plain view nanny cam that gives you a very clear view of what is going on in any room that it is installed in.

    - Pans and tilts and can be controlled remotely. That means that if you aren't home you can log in and see what is going on if you have a concern.
    - Gives you a full 360-degree view of any room it is installed in so there are no blind spots to be worried about.
    - Zooms in up to 4 times so you can see details more clearly.
    - Two-way audio allows you to communicate with the people in your house.
    - Night vision capability.

    - The cost is about $100 per camera, which is on the higher end.
    - Uses WiFi so there is the risk of the camera being hacked.

    7. Nest Security Camera

    This nanny cam syncs with the cloud giving you the ability to store virtually unlimited data, and it also comes with a lot of powerful features. It's sleek design and tremendous capabilities make it among the best options for a nanny cam out there.

    - Uses cloud-based storage so you don't have to worry about having a data card that is recorded over.
    - Has night vision.
    - Has motion sensors that turn on the camera and alerts you to the fact that it has been turned on.
    - Allow you to live stream what is happening via a WiFi connection.
    - High definition recording in full 1080p.

    - Running about $199, each these are expensive cameras, but they are packed with features and capabilities that most other nanny cams can't match.
    - This is not a hidden camera.
    - Since it uses WiFi there is the risk of the camera being hacked.