Pet-friendly alarm system

    Anybody that wants to protect their home and has pets should find out as much as they can about a pet-friendly home security system.

    A homeowner with a security system and a pet knows that one of the most frustrating things about home security is that most systems use motion sensors. Obviously, if you have a dog or cat running around your home with such a system, then they are going to set those motion sensors off all the time. That’s why you need to go to a reputable home security system that could design a pet-friendly alarm system.

    This article will discuss five home security companies that are known for their service, their professionalism, their usage of only the most modern alarm system technology, and also their ability to build a customized, pet-friendly alarm system.


    Reputable home security companies with pet-friendly systems

    1. ADT

    ADT has long been known as one of the top names in the home security and alarm industry, and with good reason. With ADT, you can choose to have both cameras and motion sensors installed as well as the traditional perimeter sensors on your doors and windows.

    The great news for anyone that owns a pet is that ADT offers a very effective pet-friendly alarm system. The sensors that they use for a pet-friendly alarm system will not be triggered by any pet that is 40 pounds and under, as long as they don't come within 2 feet of the sensors. Unfortunately larger pets, meaning pets that are comparable in size to a burglar, will set off the motion sensors. But if you have small pets at home and want the benefits of a home security system, then ADT can be a great option for you.


    1. Protect America

    Protect America is a home security and alarm company that has a great reputation and that also offers a pet-friendly alarm system. While their sensors have the same 40 lbs-limitation that other alarm companies offer, Protect America actually offers an additional option in the form of glass break sensors for owners of large pets. Glass break sensors detect the unique sound that glass makes when it breaks, then it triggers an alarm. The best part about glass break sensors is that they are pet-proof, as long as your pet isn't breaking any windows or other fragile glass objects in your home. On top of their pet-friendly alarm system, Protect America also features an array of home security systems including cameras, home automation, and door and window sensors that are typically found in any reputable home security company.


    1. Vivint

    Vivint is another top name in the home security industry that just happens to take great pride in their ability to build a customized pet-friendly alarm system. In addition to the standard features of a basic alarm system, Vivint also offers cameras that record and that can be viewed remotely, as well as home automation features. The ability to remotely view your security cameras or review recorded video is a tremendous way to keep an eye on what is going on around your home when you are away.


    1. Front Point

    Front Point offers a wide range of different home security solutions, and they are also proud to offer a pet-friendly alarm system as well. Imagine the horror you would feel if you had a fire in your home when you were away, and your beloved pet was left trapped inside. Not only would you have to deal with the stress and heartache of having everything you own destroyed in a fire, you will also have to live knowing that your pet died horrifically in a fire.

    If you decide to go with Front Point, this won't be an issue for you since they offer home fire monitoring as well as burglar monitoring. In the event that a fire is detected, Front Point will contact emergency services, and you will also receive an alert on your phone. Then you can use their home automation features to open the doors and let your pet escape what would normally be certain death. Just keep in mind that like most other alarm companies, the special pet-friendly alarm sensors supplied by Front Point only work on pets that are 40 pounds or less.


    1. SimpliSafe

    If you are a pet owner and have a pet that is a little on the larger size, then SimpliSafe is probably going to be the home security company that will work best for you. Industry-standard pet-friendly motion sensors can accommodate for pets weighing up to 40 lbs. before they are triggered. With SimpliSafe, their sensors are capable of accommodating a pet weighing 50 lbs.

    While this still isn't enough for anyone with a large pet, it does provide a viable option for many pet owners who otherwise do not qualify for the aforementioned four companies. In addition to their pet-friendly home security features, SimpliSafe also features a wide range of sensors, cameras, and home automation options.