I think we can all agree that there are alot of different options when it comes to home security systems. 

    Well in this article we will review the Protect America Home Security System, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to protecting your family and home with an alarm system. 

    What we will cover is : 

    Protect America Home Security

    Home security systems are always a good addition to any household, especially with crime rates where they are. These home security systems serve as an excellent deterrent against burglary, vandalism and other untoward incidents on your property. Part of the reason for that is because studies  show that burglars actually avoid homes that they believe alarm systems. These alarms also carry the benefit of being early warning systems against possible carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.

    But not all households have them because they can take off a significant part of your budget. The average costs are somewhere around $500 for home security installation and an additional $50 per month for the monitoring services. If this is the major reason for you putting modern protection for your family, then take heart. When it comes to one of the best companies to provide home security systems, nothing can beat Protect America. Their units are one of the most affordable surveillance systems around. Protecting your home and your family doesn't have to come at a steep cost. Are you ready to learn more about Protect America, the wide range of products they offer, and how they rise above the rest with their tried-and-tested security system methods? Read more below.


    Protect America Company Background

    Protect America was founded in early 1992 and it has been in the security systems industries for more than 20 years. Thad Paschall is the founder of the Austin, Texas-based company. It all started out as a relatively small home security provider, one that rapidly grew with customers all over the United States. As of today, Protect America units are installed in more than half a million homes in Canada and the US.

    The company has stated that about 15 percent of the total homes in the United States have a security monitoring system. The goal is to provide adequate and modern home security to every household across the nation and tell everyone about the importance of a good home security system. Protect America doesn't just provide security products- they have a wide range of home automation solutions and surveillance options for added safety and convenience.

    SDM, or Security Distributing and Marketing Magazine has ranked Protect America among the prestigious Top 10 when it comes to residential security monitoring installations for the last 3 years. Many authoritative home security sites, including Top Consumer Reviews, HomeSecuritySystems.net and Best Home Security Company have ranked the company as number 1 in the same category.

    Protect America Monitoring Services

    All of Protect America's residential security alarm systems can be connected via various means, including two-way voice landline, cellular antenna or broadband internet. You can also get the Protect America mobile app to access certain technological features such as live security video streaming, home automation services and remote system control. Some of these extra conveniences come with added fees.

    The short delay when a home protection system goes off and the time it takes to reach the monitoring station is practically unavoidable. But it comes with its own advantage, because you will have a window of opportunity where you can shut the monitoring system off in cases of false alarms or accidental triggers. Once the signal reaches the monitoring station, someone will call you to confirm if you need any help. Should you provide the incorrect password or do not respond to the call, a police dispatch will be sent for an on-site inspection.

    The 2-way voice system includes an intercom that allows you to communicate in almost real-time between your property and the monitoring station. This eliminates the prerogative of the home security station having to call you and check your status. When an alarm triggers, the intercom is immediately activated so you won't have to dial manually.

    Protect America Security Equipment

    This the meat and potatoes of any home security company. Protect America uses wireless equipment from General Electric. The company also has some unique home security items serving specific purposes.

    Alarm Systems are such versatile equipment when it comes to protecting your home and the ones living in it. They range from lifestyle accessories to control panel types. Mix and match to get the best kind of home protection that you need.

    Simon XT Control Panel

    Video Security Cameras

    Simon XTi Touchscreen

    Window and Door Sensors

    Home automation can be controlled by a mobile device with the Protect America app installed. You will gain the ability to turn on and shut off alarm systems from anywhere you are. This home automation app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices.

    The Z-Wave Appliance Module

    Yale Z-Wave Door Lock

    Smart Connect Android or iPhone App

    Download the perfect app for controlling your home security system from your mobile device. Protect America's Smart Connect allows you to activate or deactivate your alarm from anywhere. It allows you to see the alarm history. You can open the app and watch the live video feed from the camera to your smart device. The possibilities and applications are almost endless. Babysitters and hired help will have to think twice before doing anything bad.

    Protect America has a Life Safety feature, which could save your life in accidents and emergencies. You can effectively extend your home security system to include you and your loved one's precious lives.

    Disaster Sensor

    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Medical Panic Pendant

    Monitored Smoke Detector

    Vehicle Protection. Your car is every bit an investment as your house. Protect America understands this, and seeks to provide equal protection for your vehicle. You can add a small device that's installed on your car to track it if it gets lost or stolen. In most burglary incidents, the perpetrator usually enters your property, gets in through the door or a window, open the garage and drive away with your vehicle. With the GPS Vehicle Tracker unit, you know where your car is and you can catch the thief in the act.

    Security Cameras. Most modern surveillance cameras can be connected to a user's smart phone via an app. The internet connection will allow you to view what the camera is seeing in real-time. Protect America doesn't charge for the first security camera, but they do charge $179 for each security camera beyond the first. The trade-off is that you can effectively cover your whole house and each room, and know what's going on inside even if you are at work, on vacation or on a date. It's quite easy to install it where you want it. Use the app for a 24/7 anytime live feed. The camera sends high quality footage. Furthermore, it can act as an effective baby monitoring system for parents.

    Environmental Protection. Home alarm systems can do more than just protect your home and your loved ones from crime, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. You can choose to add flood and freeze sensors. A freeze sensor can act as protection against the damage caused by frozen pipes. A flood sensor can tell you if a considerable amount of water has come inside your property. Both of them can save you time and money in the long run.

    Protect America Packages

    Protect America offers 5 home security packages which cost anywhere from $19.99 to $42.99 a month. These security install prices are only for landline monitoring- the costs go up (but they are still affordable) should you choose the more technologically advanced home protection systems powered by cellular and internet connections. The rule is that the costs go up as you add more window and door sensors.

    The higher-priced plans include more surveillance and protective equipment. They are ranked according to color:


    $ 19.99 per month
    • Standard control panel
    • 3 Door/window sensors
    • 1 Motion detector
    • 1 Yard sign
    • 4 Door/window stickers


    $ 42.99 per month
    • Standard control panel
    • 14 Door/window sensors
    • 1 Motion detector
    • 1 Yard sign
    • 4 Door/window stickers

    Protect America's base package includes the following- 3 window or door sensors, a yard sign, 3 decals for your windows, a motion detector and a control panel that ties everything together. On the other end, the highest package includes 14 window or door sensors, a yard sign, 3 decals for your windows, a motion detector and a control panel. You can customize each base package according to your preference and needs. You can have add-ons such as sirens, garage door sensors, additional security cameras, glass-break detectors and personal security devices. If you have a canine or feline companion, you can opt to add in pet-immune sensors so you won't have to reset or call a false alarm each time your pet walks in through the doors and windows.

    Protect America Details

    Installation costs are free of charge. GE and Protect America manufactures the main hardware. You can pay anywhere from $19.99 to $42.99 monthly for monitoring fees. The usual contract length is for 3 years.

    Protect America Fees and Policies

    ETF, or early termination fees are quite common across the industry. Protect America has a cancellation fee equal to what you owe over the 3 year contract provided. The fee is offset by the low monthly costs Protect America offers its customers. Moreover, you won't need to pay any installation fees or any down payment on the home monitoring equipment installed in your property. The gist is that the company provides the basic equipment and you get to choose additional units or services as you go along. The fees and contract terms are a standard in home protection services. Monthly monitoring fees are the lowest should you choose a landline connection.

    Protect America Installation and Support

    Those who love a hands-on approach will like Protect America's DIY home security installation. You won't need technical knowledge on how security cameras and sensors work- the modern equipment is intuitive and installation is a painless experience. The option to have a certified technician install your home protection is available at an added cost. You can contact Protect America by live chat, phone or email during their office hours. Should you find yourself confused, you can always rely on the company's tech support agents to guide you through the process.

    In cases where equipment fails or malfunctions, you can call on customer support to determine the next course of action. Protect America sends out replacement devices quite speedily. The company doesn't offer in-house service calls or repair as of the moment. All you need to do is call for a replacement unit if one of your motion or sensors fail. Any unit that fails will be replaced by the company as long as you are in contract.

    Protect America Pros

    Consumer-Friendly Pricing

    Are you irritated over the fact that most home security companies do not list their monthly service pricing online? They force you to call a number to get even the most basic questions. This is not the case with Protect America. One look at their main website will tell you that they have an excellent transparency in their pricing. All other information is provided so you'll have a better understanding of what you're paying for and the benefits a home security system can do for you and your loved ones.

    No Activation and Installation Fees

    You won't have to pay a dime or any down payment for installation and activation fees because there is none. The 3 year contract and meeting the listed credit requirements should suffice if you want to have Protect America in your home. Most other home security companies charge exorbitant activation fees and installation costs, which can prove to be a dealbreaker with most homeowners. Protect America is great for those who want home security without having to pay for upfront charges.

    Free Lifetime Warranty

    The company has a free lifetime warranty program that will replace any failing or defective home security equipment as long as you are a Protect America customer. Replacement parts are shipped with zero charges so you won't have to worry about forking additional dollars to replace broken security units in your home.

    Easy Relocation Options

    Home security system installations often entail a wall-mounted keypad, along with security sensors and cameras that become a permanent fixture of your home. It becomes a bother should you need to move. DIY home security installs become advantageous in this aspect because you can easily transfer it if you move from one house to another. Simply detach, pack and reinstall once you get to your new home.


    Protect America is one of those companies that does things differently in a good way, and thats why they made it on to our best of home security list. They provide modern home security equipment and services at an affordable price. They replace any defective, broken or failing home security equipment as long as you are under contract. The services and features vary and you can customize your home security system according to your specific needs. The surveillance units are intuitive enough that they can easily be installed with minimal effort and working knowledge. You won't have to pay any upfront costs to start protecting your home. In short, Protect America gives you everything you need to protect your home and your loved ones at the best possible price.


    Last Updated 8/31/2017