You have decided to get a home security for your home or apartment in New Vernon, NJ 07976, but now you are asking which provider is the right one for me... Right ? 


    Well in this article we are going to give you a comprehensive review of all of protect america's services, pricing, company history, and the equipment options. 

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    Protect America In New Vernon, NJ 07976

     If you are tired of living in fear of the day that a violent and dangerous criminal will break into your home in New Vernon, NJ 07976, then you need a dependable home security system offered by Protect America. They are one of the most trusted names in home security and they can offer you the type of protection for your home and family that we all deserve. Unfortunately we no longer live in an age when you can trust people. You can't leave your doors unlocked at night, and if you don't have a home security system installed then that's kind of what you are doing. Criminals look for the easiest score possible and not having a home security system is kind of like gift wrapping your home and inviting them to come in and do what they want and take what they want. You don't want to leave your family and your home vulnerable to the criminal element do you? Of course you don't, and you don't have to. What you need to realize is that it's up to you to take the necessary steps to keep your family and your home safe. What does that mean? It means you need to start by calling Protect America today and finding out how their home security systems can help you to keep the bad guys away from your home.


    Who Is Protect America And Why Should You Trust Them To Keep Your Family And Home Safe?

    Who Are they? 

    Protect America is a US based home security system provider whose corporate offices are located at 3800 Quick Hill Road, Building 1-100 Austin, TX 78728. Voted as one of the top places to work for in Austin Tx you can be confident that their team will happily handle all of your home security needs. 

    Why Should I Trust Them ? 

    The absolute last thing you want to do when it comes to protecting your home in New Vernon, NJ 07976 is to cut corners and make a poor choice for your home security system. With that being said you also don't want to choose a system that will work well for you but ends up costing you far more than comparable systems from other companies. What you should be looking for is a home security system that has the features you need with a price that is competitive with other companies. You also need a home security company that has a reputation for excellence so that you know you can count on them. So why should you trust Protect America? First, you should trust them because of their experience. They have been in business for over two decades and have a long list of highly satisfied clients. Second of all, you should trust them because they offer the types of features that typically cost far more from more expensive home security companies. Finally, you should trust Protect America because they are dedicated to providing everyone with the ability to keep their home safe with an affordable and effective home security system.

    Another reason that you can trust Protect America is that they have been consistently ranked as a number one option in home security by several leading authorities for many years. Why does this matter? It matters because the best way to judge a company is not to go to their website and read about all of the great things they are saying about themselves. Of course, they are going to say great things about themselves on their website, they are trying to attract you as a customer. Instead of relying upon what a company says about themselves you should rely upon what other people are saying about them. When it comes to Protect America what other people and authorities are saying is overwhelmingly positive, which means that they are well liked by their customers. 

    Protect America Prices & Packages 


    $ 19.99 per month
    • Standard control panel
    • 3 Door/window sensors
    • 1 Motion detector
    • 1 Yard sign
    • 4 Door/window stickers


    $ 42.99 per month
    • Standard control panel
    • 14 Door/window sensors
    • 1 Motion detector
    • 1 Yard sign
    • 4 Door/window stickers


    What Types Of Home Security Features Does Protect America Offer And Will They Really Keep Criminals Out Of My Home?

    1. Protect America offers three different types of monitoring for your home security system in New Vernon, NJ 07976. The reason they do this is so that they can offer a variety of pricing options so you will be able to afford one of their systems no matter what your budget may be. The first, and least expensive option that they offer is a system that is monitored via your home phone's landline. If you decide you want a more secure monitoring option then you can choose either broadband monitoring or cellular monitoring.

    2. Protect America also believes in redundancy. You never want to rely on only one type of security sensor when installing your alarm, because when you do the chances of that one type of sensor being overcome and letting someone break in are too high. The same can be said for the monitoring stations that are in charge of keeping an eye on your home. After all the greatest home security system in the world isn't going to do you a lot of good without a reliable company monitoring for alarms. Because of this Protect America uses 3 separate monitoring facilities so that if one fails for some reason there are back up options ready to take over.

    3. While having redundant monitoring stations is a big plus those monitoring systems aren't going to do you a lot of good if they aren't being monitored by a staff that knows what they are doing, and can also be trusted. These are the men and women that are going to be responsible for the safety of you and your family, that means that their training has to be extensive, and their trustworthiness must be beyond reproach. To that end Protect America makes certain that all of their employees undergo weeks of training before they set foot in a monitoring center, and they also make ongoing training a priority for their employees as well.

    4. While Protect America is well known for their home security systems they also deserve recognition for their home automation systems. Using your smart phone you can connect remotely with your home security and automation system giving you the ability to see what's going on when you aren't there. Not sure if you locked your door when you left? No problem, with their app you can login, check your doors, and if necessary even remotely lock them. Have a friend or family member show up when you aren't there and you don't want to leave them waiting outside? Well you can login and unlock your doors for them as well. This ability to control all aspects of your home automation system remotely makes Protect America a very convenient means of keeping an eye on your home.

    5. Given the low cost of Protect America's alarm systems and monitoring do their features really stack up when compared with the other major alarm companies out there? That's a common question, and it's a question that has a very simple answer. That answer is yes. They offer home security cameras, door and window alarms, glass break alarms, motion sensors, and home automation systems that are comparable to, or better than, any other major home security company out there. That means you are getting the protection you need for your home and family, and you are doing it at a cost that makes sense for any budget.

    I Heard That You Have To Install Protect America's Home Security System Yourself? Is That A Good Idea? Is It Hard To Do?

    Why would I want to install my own home security system instead of simply having a professional do it for me? That's a common question that many people considering Protect America ask, and it's a valid question. First of all installing a modern home security system is not anywhere near as difficult as you may think it is. Sure years ago everything had to be hardwired together and there was a lot of actual physical processes involved in installing a security system. Today modern technology has made things so much easier. Wireless connectivity means that you don't have to spend time running wires through walls and ceilings, instead a wireless connection gets things up and running quickly. On top of that they also offer tremendous customer service in terms of technical support. Can't get your alarm to install or work right? Then simply contact Protect America and their team of experts will help you to get your alarm system up to speed.
    While the ease of being able to install your own home alarm system is a great reason to do it yourself, it may not seem like enough of a reason. After all you are busy so why should you waste your time doing something when you can simply have it done for you? Well for one thing when you install your home security system yourself you won't have to let a stranger into your home. While the majority of home security companies out there do a great job of vetting their employees with background checks, this is far from foolproof. The bottom line here is that you can never be too careful with who you let in your home.

    The other big bonus of using Protect America and handling the installation of your home security system yourself is to save money. Do you know what home alarm system installation technicians are to a security company? They are an expense. They get paid, they have to be covered by general liability insurance, and many of them also get medical, dental, and other benefits from their employers. That all costs money, and that's a cost that is passed along to you. You don't think that any company is going to offer you installation services and not charge you anymore do you? So if you want great protection for your home and family, and you want to save money, then installing your own Protect America system is the way to go.
    Still not convinced? Well if you think the pricing that Protect America offers is too good to be true then you certainly wouldn't be the first person to feel that way. One thing that really stands out about Protect America is that they believe in being transparent when it comes to their pricing. When you contact them they will give you a free quote and they will tell you exactly how much their system is going to cost you. There are no hidden fees or other sneaky tactics designed to get more money out of you. On top of that they will give you up to $1,400 in free equipment, and there are not installation costs because you will be doing it yourself.



    Protect America Can Help You To Keep Your Home, Family, And Possessions Safe

    The thought of a criminal breaking into your home in New Vernon, NJ 07976 is a vile one isn't it? The idea that someone would break into the place you live, and steal the things that you have worked hard for is probably enough to make your blood boil? Think that's something? Try thinking about how you would feel if a criminal actually hurt a member of your family? It's an awful thought, and it's a thought that should drive you to want to do whatever you can to prevent it from happening. The unfortunate reality is that the world we live in is dangerous and it's only going to keep getting worse over time. Criminals are always looking for a way to make a quick buck, and those are the least dangerous of them. There are of course the truly vile criminals out there as well, the criminals not looking to steal but instead looking to hurt people for their own gratification. It's these criminals above all else that should concern you, because they are a threat to far more than just material possessions.

    The good news for you is that no matter what the intentions are of a criminal most of them have the same basic driving impulse. They want to commit their crime, and then they want to get away without being caught and punished. That's why a home alarm system is so important. It's a great deterrent because it basically announces to anyone considering breaking into your home that it's not going to be an easy job. That alone right there will get a lot of criminals to decide to move on to another target. If they do decide to still make an attempt to break in their ability to bypass all of the security sensors is going to be limited. In other words there's not a lot of chance they will in without being detected. When you decide that you want to feel safe and secure in your home then the first thing you should do is contact Protect America.

    Last Updated 8/31/2017