The 6 Best ways to increase your home security.

    Your home is not only your investment, but also your private sanctuary where you can relax in peace after a busy day. However, most homeowners do not take the necessary measures to ensure their homes are safe for them and their kids. Home security is an aspect that shouldn't be overlooked at all costs. Do not make yourself an easy target or a victim of crime by not putting the necessary security measures in place. Below are six ways you can use to increase your home security.

    1. Always Lock Your Doors & Windows

    This might sound too obvious, but the reality is that many people are guilty of leaving their doors and windows open only to appear shocked when someone enters and steal items worth a significant amount of money. Opportunistic burglars will not hesitate when they realize that your home's doors and windows aren't locked. You should also ensure your garage doors are always closed so that thieves do not find an easy access. The doors leading from your garage to the house should always be closed.

    2. Install Secure Doors & Windows

    Apart from ensuring your doors and windows are always closed, you can improve home security by installing high-quality composite doors and strong windows. Always remember that the structural components of your home play an instrumental role in determining how secure your home is. Apart from avoiding thin and flimsy doors, you should also ensure there's a deadbolt on all doors leading to the exterior of your home to improve your home's security. Additionally, ensure to check the windows and make sure they're all in good condition and that all the locks are working properly. You can also install smart locks to make it even harder for any break in.

    3. Install Window Shades

    Studies that have been conducted indicate that burglars tend to steal from homes that have clear windows because they can see the inside and can tell whether someone is at home or not. Installing window shades reduces the visibility of your home's interior, something that will put off most burglars. Furthermore, it won't cost you a lot to install window shades.

    4. Install or Upgrade Home Security Systems

    Installing or upgrading to a quality security system is the key to ensuring your home remains secure at all times. Although some may argue that home security systems cost too much for no good reason, I assure you that it's an investment worth considering. You need to invest in the safety of your home, your valuables and your loved ones so that you don't regret later. Security systems consists of so many components, including motion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, contact detectors, alarms and security cameras among others.

    5. Leave Lights & Equipment on a Timer

    You should also invest in a quality switch that controls indoor lights and TV or stereo such that they can turn on and off at random intervals whenever you're out at night. This will make a thief think you're at home and will look for an easier target to strike. Do not forget to close the curtains at night as well as during the day in case you'll be away until late in the evening.

    6. Install Security Lighting

    You need to maintain the outside of your home well lit throughout the night by placing lights around the house. A good idea would be to install one light on a motion sensor such that it is triggered whenever someone steps onto your property. This will help you avoid using too much electricity without compromising on your home security.
    ConclusionIn conclusion, do not invite thieves into your home by not putting in place any security measures to ward them off. The six essentials highlighted above can help you improve your home's security for you to feel safe at all times. Invest today and stay safe.

    Last Updated 8/26/2016