In the world of home security Simplisafe is known as one of the most reliable and professional companies in the industry. On top of being known for their high level of commitment to providing the best security possible for your home, they are also well known due to the fact that they offer great features at a low price. This is important because everyone deserves the right to have a home that is safe for them and their families. Everyone deserves the ability to be able to leave their home for the day and know that it is being protected. Everyone deserves the right to go to bed at night and know that there is an alarm system that will detect any potentially dangerous intruder. Simplisafe makes it possible for just about anyone to afford not just a home security system, but an exceptional home security system.

    How Is Simplisafe Able To Offer Such Low Prices?
    When people first hear about Simplisafe and all of the impressive features they offer their first reaction is usually to wonder how it is that they can offer all of this at such a low price. In most cases when something seems too good to be true it usually is. But in the case of Simplisafe this isn' true. What they have done is make a conscious decision as a company to purposely simplify the home security product that they offer. They have worked hard to cut out unnecessary expenses and as a result they can often offer prices that are about half of a comparable system from another home security company. How do they do this? Well first off they cut out the middle man, there is no third party selling you their system. With one less hand being held out for their piece of the pie there is less cost for the consumer. They also do this by eliminating annual contracts. They are so sure that you will be pleased with their service and pricing that they don' need to lock you into a long term contract.

    What Types Of Features Does Simplisafe Offer?
    The fact that Simplisafe offers such tremendous pricing is a huge plus in their favor. But that plus isn' worth much if it doesn' offer security features that make their system worth having. After all who cares if you only pay a little each month for your security bill if your system isn' going to be very effective. Not only does that cost you money each month for something that is essentially useless, it also leaves you with a false sense of security. Fortunately Simplisafe offers a wide range of features that are sure to impress you and help to keep criminals out of your home. The following is a list of the impressive security features that you have the option of using if you decide to use Simplisafe as your home security system.

    1. Simplisafe uses a cell signal instead of a land line to maintain a connection between the security system and the central monitoring station. Not only does this offer faster communication and more reliable monitoring, it also means that the bad guys can' just cut your phone line to disable your security system.

    2. Because Simplisafe is such a well know and respected company they are recognized by many home owner's insurance companies as an asset. Since a good home security system reduces your risk of a break in that means that there is less risk for the insurance company. This usually translates to a home owner's insurance plan that is about 20% lower.

    3. Simplisafe adds the additional benefit of allowing you to monitor your home security system via an app on your smart phone. That means that you can be alerted in the event that there is a security issue, and you can also login and check the status of your home just for your own piece of mind.

    4. Simplisafe is professionally monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week by a team of home security experts that are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe. It's kind of like having an invisible barrier in place that will keep any threat from being able to get into your home or to your family without being detected first.

    5. Simplisafe also offers tremendous flexibility because they don' require you to sign an annual contract. That means you can drop their service whenever you wan to. They are able to do this because their customers are generally so happy with their service that they wouldn' want to switch to another home security system.

    6. Because wired sensors have limitations in how far they can be placed from the main security panel, as well as the challenges of trying to hardwire anything in your home, Simplisafe uses exclusively wireless connections. Their wireless connections are good up to 400 feet meaning that no matter the size of your home they have you covered.

    7. When most people think about home security systems they are probably only considering the threat that a criminal poses. What they may overlook is the fact that fires and carbon monoxide are legitimate threats as well. Because of that Simplisafe offers monitoring for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide as well.

    8. If you are concerned that installing your Simplisafe home security system yourself is going to be too difficult you need not worry about that. Simplisafe's component arrive pre programmed and designed to make it as easy as possible for anyone to install. Typically you can have your entire Simplisafe system up and running in about an hour.

    9. If you have kids in the house you probably know that the truth is a little bit fluid when it comes to you questioning things that they shouldn' be doing. One of the best features for parents that Simplisafe offers is a silent alert system that will let you know is a certain medicine or liquor cabinet is opened when you aren' around.

    10. Power outages are a common problem that many people will cite as not only an inconvenience, but also a potential danger since this can mean the disruption of a home security system. Fortunately Simplisafe has circumvented this problem by having their system equipped with a battery back up. This battery back up will kick in in the event that power is lost, and on top of that these batteries also last up to 5 years.

    11. Simplisafe also offers what is known as smash proof protection. If a burglar does manage to make it into your home by getting past the perimeter sensors, then you are going to rely upon internal motion sensors to detect them. Because of this many criminals that get into your home will decide to smash the security panel hoping that this will disable your alarm. All this does with a Simplisafe system is trigger an immediate alarm which means that help is on it's way right away.

    12. One common concern among pet owners is whether or not their pets are going to be causing false alarms all the time when they trip motion sensors. Fortunately Simplisafe has taken this very concern into account and they have solutions that will enable your system to work and not be set off all the time by your pets.

    13. In addition to being able to login and check on the status of your home security system, Simplisafe will automatically send you a message to your phone alerting you if there is an alarm.

    14. Simplisafe recognizes that you may not always stay in the same home and that moving is a part of life. To help with this they have made it so that you can easily move your Simplisafe system with you when the time comes to move. If you happen to be moving into a bigger home them Simplisafe can always add more sensors to your alarm system for you.

    Other Factors You Should Consider If You Are Thinking About Installing A Simplisafe Home Security System
    Before making a decision as important as what type of home security system you should install, the smart move is to take your time and do some research before making a final decision. That means that you need to read up on any home security system you are considering, and find out what people really think about it. The great news here is that when you look into Simplisafe you are going to find an overwhelmingly positive response from customers as well as major news outlets. The combination of outstanding features, excellent customer service, and low cost makes Simplisafe one of the best choices when it comes to home security systems.

    So how much does Simplisafe cost? Believe it or not the monthly monitoring cost is only $14.99. That's why it's touted as being such an amazing value in the home security industry. Most home security companies charges more than three times this amount, and they charge that much for services that are honestly either of a similar level offered by Simplisafe, or at a lesser level than what Simplisafe offers. In other words you are getting both a great price as well as great protection. This is what all the buzz regarding Simplisafe is coming from, it's because they allow people on just about any budget the ability to afford the home security system we all deserve to have.

    While Simplisafe is an excellent choice for a home security system for most people, it isn't the best choice for every person. Simplisafe specializes in providing top of the line security for homes. However, if you live in a home that is more than 20,000 square feet, or a home with more than 50 windows, then Simplisafe is not going to be your best option. Simplisafe was simply not designed to handle a large home like this, and they will tell you that when you contact them. They will also recommend that you contract through a more traditional private home security company. Simplisafe is also not a good choice for large commercial properties for the same reasons.
    A Good Home Security System Is An Excellent Way To Deter Criminals From Trying To Break Into Your Home

    No matter what types of steps you are going to take to try to make your home as impregnable as possible, all you are really doing is creating a deterrent to try to get criminals to not want to deal with trying to break into your home. If someone really wants to break into your home, and they are willing to plan for it for a long time and figure out ways around your security features, then they will probably find a way in. While that may seem like a frightening prospect it isn't meant to be. Instead it is made to illustrate the point that only a professional criminal with the right training, tools, and equipment would ever have a chance at getting past a home security system undetected. Even if they were able to do so they would have to dedicate a lot of time to planning and preparing for the break in. On top of all of that there is still the chance they will fail, set off the alarm, then it's off to jail for them. The point here is that unless you have a very specific type of criminal that has chosen to fixate on your home, the mere fact that you have a home alarm system will likely be enough of a deterrent to keep them at bay.

    If you still are not convinced that Simplisafe is the best home security system for you, then take a minute to consider how incredible their offer of a 100 day money back guarantee is. They offer a full refund for up to 100 days if for any reason you are not happy with the equipment they offer or the service that they provide. This is just another way that Simplisafe demonstrates that they believe in their service and believe that you will become a loyal customer. If you are looking for a home security system that provides you with high end features, excellent service, great protection, and does so at a discount price, then you are looking for Simplisafe.

    Last Updated 3/30/2017