Don’t you think solar eclipses are spectacular and one of the most interesting things you will ever see in the sky?

    Unfortunately, you can’t simply look at a solar eclipse since the intensity of the light emitted by our Sun can actually cause serious, and possibly even permanent, damage to your eyes. Thankfully, there’s no more reason to miss this rare lifetime event, as solar eclipse viewing glasses now exist to help you safely view an eclipse. This article will list down five of the best solar eclipse viewing glasses out there.

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    Top 5 solar eclipse viewing glasses

    What are solar eclipses?

    A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. This type of alignment is often called syzygy, where three celestial objects are in a straight-line configuration from one another.

    There are two types of eclipses: total and partial eclipse. They are pretty self-explanatory. A total eclipse means that the Moon fully obscures the Sun. Partial eclipses, meanwhile, mean that only part of the Sun is obscured.

    These celestial phenomena are rare, and as such, cannot be missed. Luckily for the United States, on Aug. 21, 2017, they will be treated to a spectacular celestial show as America would directly fall on the path of a rare total solar eclipse.

    Why get solar eclipse viewing glasses

    Of course, you can always watch a solar eclipse on television, or look at one online, but there really isn’t anything quite like seeing one in person yourself. The best option for you is to use solar eclipse viewing glasses. These types of glasses are designed to allow you to safely view a solar eclipse by blocking out enough light to keep it from damaging your eyes.

    While these glasses block the intensity of the light, they do not block out any of the details. So when you use solar eclipse viewing glasses, you will be able to see an eclipse in all of its glory safely.

    Top 5 solar eclipse viewing glasses

    The following are the top 5 solar eclipse viewing glasses that you should consider buying if you plan on watching the next solar eclipse.

    websun solar eclipse

    1. WEBSUN Direct Viewing Solar Eclipse Glasses

    These solar eclipse viewing glasses are comfortable to wear and are designed to fit all. They feature special lenses that block out the damaging levels of light that normally make viewing an eclipse difficult and dangerous. The lenses in these glasses have also been independently tested so that you can view any eclipses without having to worry about hurting your eyes. They meet all international standards for solar eclipse viewing so you can trust that they will function as advertised.

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    mascot king eclipse glasses

    1. MASCOTKING Solar Eclipse Glasses

    MASCOTKING has been making solar eclipse glasses for 38 years, which means that they are a name you can trust. They are extremely effective at protecting your eyes and block out 100 percent of harmful ultra violet light, 100 percent of harmful infrared light, and 99 percent of visible light. With this level of protection, you can gaze intently at the next solar eclipse without having to worry about hurting your eyes. What makes these an even better value is that they come in a three-pack. That means you can experience the wonder of the next solar eclipse with friends and family. After all, what’s better than sharing something unique with the people you feel closest to? When the next solar eclipse comes, make sure you are prepared for it ahead of time by having the right solar eclipse viewing glasses on hand.

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    great american solar eclipse glasses

    1. Great American Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

    Planning a party or get-together to celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse? Then you are going to need the right glasses, and you are going to need enough of them for everyone to enjoy. The great news here is that these fine solar eclipse viewing glasses come ready made for a large get-together since they come in a 10-pack! They are designed to be one-size-fits-all so everyone from adults to young children can wear them to enjoy the amazing spectacle that is a solar eclipse.

    If you are concerned about safety, then these glasses are the right choice for you. They are independently tested to ensure that they block out any harmful light, or harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation to protect your eyes. On top of that, the lenses are designed to be scratch resistant so that you can enjoy something as rare and as beautiful as a solar eclipse without the hindrance of random scratches within view.

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    iso solar eclipse glasses

    1. Iso 12312 Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

    These high-quality solar eclipse viewing glasses meet NASA's standards for safely viewing a solar eclipse. The lenses in these glasses block out virtually all harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation, while also reducing the amount of light that passes through them. The result is a crystal-clear viewing experience of a solar eclipse, without the normal risk of damage associated with looking at something as bright as the Sun. These solar eclipse viewing glasses also come in a five-pack, which means you can share this amazing experience with friends and family.

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    solar eclipse glasses black plastic

    1. Black Plastic Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

    Featuring clear lenses that filter out harmful levels of light, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet radiation, these solar eclipse viewing glasses will offer you an amazing and clear view of this rare event. They come in a 4 pack so you can share them with friends and family and make memories together. These solar eclipse viewing glasses are designed to be one size fits all, and feature a sleek and stylish black design.

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    Solar eclipses: rare and magnificent

    The upcoming solar eclipse will be the first eclipse in 38 years. With solar eclipses being so rare, it's important to take advantage of the situation and enjoy it, because it's going to be a long time before the next one occurs.