I think we can all agree that our cars are highly valuable and that we ought to be doing everything we could to protect it from being robbed...am I right?

    If you want to protect your car and make it as unappealing of a target as possible. then using a steering wheel lock is a great investment for you to make. This article will discuss what a steering wheel lock can do for you and your car and the Top 5 best steering wheel locks you can get on the market.

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    Top 5 Best Steering Wheel Locks For Your Car

    Auto theft in America

    Did you know that in 2015 there were over 700,000 vehicles stolen in the United States? That’s a lot of people that have had to deal with a stolen car, and it’s always a major source of aggravation. Sure, you may have insurance to cover your loss, but having to deal with an insurance company and the police is highly inconvenient and stressful.

    So instead of putting yourself through all that, you should do whatever you can to keep your car from getting stolen. Want to hear another scary figure about car theft? In 2012, property losses due to car theft were approximately 4.3 billion dollars. Obviously, auto theft is a major problem in the world that needs to be addressed, so it's important that you realize that you could very well be a victim in the future yourself.

    When you are the victim of auto theft you are going to feel angry and violated. The thought that a criminal stole what you had worked so hard for is infuriating for just about anyone. Your car is now in the hands of a car thief, and who knows what will become of it? Maybe it's going to end up in a chop shop as it’s cut into pieces and sold off. Maybe it's just someone taking it out for a joyride and then abandon it when they are done with it. Maybe you'll get it back, maybe you won't. The worst part is that even if you do get it back, there's likely going to be damage you are going to have to pay to have repaired.

    Unfortunately, as long as there are criminals out there willing to steal, you are going to have to prioritize keeping your valuable property, including your vehicle, safe.

    How to keep your car safe from auto theft

    The first step in keeping your car from getting stolen is to use common sense and make sure that your car is always locked when you park it anywhere, even if you live in the top 20 safest cities for your car. A lot of criminals first check to see if they can gain easy entry into your car by trying to open the doors. Remember, a criminal wants an easy of a score as possible, so locking your doors may be enough to keep them from trying to steal your car.

    Step two is to make sure you have a car alarm. A car alarm won’t keep a truly determined thief from trying to steal your car, but it will make them think twice before they make the attempt. Which car do you think they would try to steal if there were two cars next to each other and one had an alarm while the other doesn’t? Odds are that any reasonably intelligent criminal will choose the car without the alarm.

    Why get a steering wheel lock for your car

    However, if you do observe these two steps, why then would you still need a steering wheel lock for your car?

    • It represents a physical barrier that will make it harder for a car thief to steal your car.
    • It’s a highly visible deterrent that will be seen by any car thief when they approach your car. Sure a determined criminal can cut through a steering wheel lock, but that’s going to take a lot of time and effort to do so.
    • Taking the time to cut through a steering wheel lock will expose criminals to the possibility of being caught for a longer period of time.

    The bottom line is that if a criminal really wants to steal your car then s/he’s going to find a way to do it. That’s why you need to make it as hard of a job as possible for them. A steering wheel lock may not make your car impossible to steal, but it does the next best thing: making it as difficult to steal as possible.

    Top 5 steering wheel locks for your car

    The following are the top 5 steering wheel locks that you should consider to keep your car out of the hands of thieves.

    Club 3000 Steering Wheel Lock

    1. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock, Yellow. 

      The Club is a well-known name in the wheel lock industry because they have made effective anti-theft devices for many years. This model features a double hook that makes it hard for criminals to remove. It is also constructed from cro-moly steel, making it durable and highly resistant to both heat and cold. A car thief will have a hard time defeating it using either freezing via liquid nitrogen, or a torch to burn through it. Bonus: This wheel lock is bright yellow and thus highly visible, making your car immediately unappealing to prospective criminals.

      If you are interested in this wheel lock you can find it on Amazon.

      Club CL302 Steering Wheel Lock
    1. The Club CL303 Pedal To Steering Wheel Lock, Red 

      This steering wheel lock takes things a step further and actually connects to both your steering wheel as well as your brake or clutch pedal, making it a real challenge to bypass even for an experienced car thief. It has a self-locking feature, which means you can set it up and lock it in place with little effort. It's also painted a very bright red, so potential car thieves will immediately realize it’s there. This model of the Club is also made from tempered steel, making it very strong and difficult to cut through. It's also designed to fit just about any type of vehicle, so no matter what you drive, it will fit and help to keep your vehicle safe from thieves.

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      Club 1000 Original Steering Wheel Lock
    1. The Club 1000 Original Steering Wheel Lock, Red 

      This is the original Club, and many people would say that it's still the best option when it comes to steering wheel locks. It is made from highly durable cro-moly steel, making it a very difficult anti-theft device for any criminal to defeat. It’s not impervious to being cut or burned through, but the degree of difficulty to disengage this steering wheel lock will break any criminal. This model of the Club is also designed to fit just about any type of vehicle, so no matter what you drive you can protect it. Painted a bright red, this steering wheel is meant to be conspicuous. After all, your ultimate goal should be to get any would-be thieves to see your car is protected from crime.

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      Fasmov Steering Wheel LOck
    1. Fasmov Universal High-Security Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock, Yellow 

      Made from solid high-grade steel, this steering wheel lock by Fasmov is the type of anti-theft deterrent that all thieves hate to encounter when they are looking for a car to steal. It features a double-hook design for greater stability, making it harder for anyone to try to cut, break, or even burn through. It's also painted a bright yellow to make it as visible as possible. It's also adjustable and versatile and will fit just about any make or model of car, truck or sports utility vehicle.

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      Keeping Universal Steering Wheel Lock
    1. Keeping Universal Security Anti Theft Heavy Duty Van Car SUVs Rotary Steering Wheel Lock 

      This particular steering wheel lock has a different type of design, but while it doesn’t follow standard steering wheel lock makes, it doesn't mean it’s not effective. In fact, it’s easy to install, and once it’s been locked in place, it instantly makes it impossible to steer your car until it is removed. This particular steering wheel lock is made from a combination of die-cast steel and high-grade aluminum, which means it is both very durable as well as lightweight enough to not be cumbersome when you are putting it on or taking it off. It fits most types of vehicles and it also comes with two keys. Its bright yellow coloring is also meant to be highly visible much like other steering wheel locks.

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    How a steering wheel lock can help avert burglaries

    If you are looking for a way to make your car as unappealing as possible to any car thieves that may be thinking of targeting it, any of the above-mentioned steering wheel locks should help you to accomplish this.

    There is no such thing as an anti-theft device that makes your car impossible to steal. It just doesn't exist. But what do exist are devices such as steering wheel locks that make things a whole lot harder on criminals. Criminals don't want to work hard for their money--they want an easy score, and they want to commit crimes where there is very little chance of being caught. That's what makes steering wheel locks such a great anti-theft deterrent. It adds another layer of protection to your car, which means that your car will be a harder target.

    Of course, a steering wheel lock should be only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to the security of your car. You need to use common sense and good judgment and keep your car locked when you park it. You also need to make sure you have an alarm system on it. Finally, you need to make sure that you don't have any valuables visible through your car window that may entice a thief to break a window and try to steal what they see.

    It's the combination of all of these things along with a steering wheel lock that will make your car the type of car that makes car thieves simply walk away from it and choose to target another car. Steering wheel locks are a low-tech solution that is actually quite effective. A criminal can easily break a window to get into your car. A car thief with experience can even disarm your alarm and kill switch. However, even the best car thief can't easily cut through or remove a steering wheel lock.