Home Automation and Home security wrapped into one ... sounds pretty good right?

     Well in this post we are going to give you an overview of Vivint as a company, and how they are disrupting the home security, and home automation industry with their new product offerings. 

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    Vivint Home Utah

    Vivint Home Security Utah is one of the most trusted names in the home security and protection industry. The sad truth is that we live in a world where criminals are more than happy to take advantage of you or your loved ones if it benefits them. There are people out there that will break in when you aren't home and take everything that you have worked so hard for. This will leave you feeling angry, violated, and worse of all you probably won't feel safe in your own home for a long time if ever again. Of course, a criminal breaking into your home when you aren't there and stealing your belongings really is a best case scenario. What happens if one breaks in when you or your family are home and sleeping. Worse yet what if you aren't there? The potential dangers out there cannot be ignored, and they aren't going away. The bottom line is that if you want to protect your home, your possessions, and most importantly your family, then you need a Vivint security system.

    For anyone out there that is concerned about not being able to afford a home security system, you will be pleased to hear that Vivint has made it a point of emphasis to ensure that virtually anybody can afford one of their Utah home security systems. Everyone deserves the right to sleep soundly at night, and they deserve the right to have the peace of mind of knowing that some criminal isn't breaking into their home when they are away. While the idea of paying for a security system and monitoring for that system may seem like an expense you can't afford, the reality is that it is an expense that is far better than the alternative. Think about how expensive it will be if you have to replace the possessions that are stolen or damaged by a burglar during a break-in. Even with insurance that can still be a very expensive thing to have to deal with. That, of course, is assuming that the criminal that broke into your home in Utah didn't hurt anyone you love. You can't put a price on your family now can you? Vivint Home Security is a company that cares about you and wants to provide you and your family with the protection you deserve at a price you can afford.

    What Makes A Security System An Effective Way To Keep Criminals At Bay?

    The entire idea behind a home security system is to make your home as unappealing of a target as possible for them. While having solid exterior doors and windows as well as proper lighting should be your first step, a close second step should be to get a Vivint security system. In many cases, a burglar considering breaking into a home will think better of it if they see a sign up for a security system. Now does this mean you can just buy a cheap sign? No, because criminals aren't stupid and they can generally spot a fake security company a mile away. So you need a real security system, as well as that all important sign placed in a conspicuous place where any would be intruder sees it. Chances are that once a criminal realizes that your home has a Vivint Home Security system they will decide to pursue a less risky target.


    Vivint Home Utah Installation


    What Makes Vivint Home Security The Best Choice For Your Home Security And Automation Needs?

    Some people in Utah looking at a home security system look at price as the determining factor in what type of home security system they decide to go with. This often leads to them getting a system they install themselves and monitor themselves. Now if you want to be responsible for monitoring your own security system in order to save a few bucks, then that's your decision and you are free to make it. But do you honestly want to be worrying about your home all the time? Isn't the entire purpose of a home security system to give you peace of mind? Keeping that in mind wouldn't you sleep better at night, and feel better when you are away from your home knowing that you have a team of experts doing everything they can to keep your home and family safe? Not only will a Vivint security system come with a dedicated team of experts monitoring it for you, you will still be able to receive alerts on your smartphone in the event of an alarm. That means you can get the best of both worlds, a professional team monitoring your security system and the ability to log in remotely and check on things yourself should you feel the need to do so.

    If you are interested in a Vivint Home Security system for your home in Utah then you may also be interested in some of their home automation products as well. Now you may be thinking that these are simply luxuries that you don't really need, and you may be right. But once you try out some of their home automation technology, and you see all it can do and how little it costs, then you may think again about how you don't really need it. Imagine if you are at work and you can't remember if you locked your front door. What do you do? Drive home? Call the neighbor and hope they are trustworthy? Hope nobody comes along and tries to get in? How about checking to see if your front door is locked from your phone, and then locking it if it isn't. Or what if a friend or family member shows up to your house and you aren't there yet? You could ask them to wait outside, or you could use your Vivint home automation system to let them in.

    Modern home security systems rely upon a variety of different technologies in order to keep the bad guys away and your home and family safe. Generally speaking, the more advanced the technology is the more impregnable the security system is. Now you may think that you have to spend a small fortune to get the best technology, but you would be wrong. In many cases, a security system that is charging far more than Vivint is actually using comparable technology. In cases like this, you are usually paying for the name of a security company as much as you are paying for their security system. Well, the truth is that Vivint Home Security uses the latest in home security technology to protect your home. Best of all they do it at a price that is far lower than most other home security companies that offer comparable services.

    The technology that we have at our disposal today is nothing short of amazing, so why not take advantage of it and use it to enhance your home's security and also use it to set up automation and remote control features for your home as well? You can now lock and unlock your doors, control your air conditioning and heating, turn on and off lights, and arm and disarm your security system from your smartphone. Taking things a step further if you have security cameras you can even log in and look to see what is going on in and around your home. Have an alarm and you aren't sure that it's not a false alarm? Well, login takes a look at the cameras in your home and you can figure it out pretty quickly. The point here is that while a Vivint security system may be all that you are interested in you should at least look at their home automation systems as well to see how they can improve your life.

    Now That You Know A Little Bit About Vivint Home Security You May Be Wondering What Kinds Of Services They Offer

    1. Vivint security systems are of course their primary focus since they realize that this is the most important product that they offer. When you have a Vivint security system installed you are basically putting up a giant neon sign that screams out to any would be intruders that it's a bad idea to come to your home. You are basically putting up an electronic barrier that can be far more effective than any fence, door, or window. It can be this effective because a Vivint Home Security system is designed and installed in such a way that it creates multiple layers of protection. Why is that important? It's important because that means that should a criminal be foolish enough to target your home, they won't have a single barrier keeping them from getting in undetected. In addition to dealing with your doors and windows, they will also have external and interior alarm systems that they will have to get by. In other words getting into your home undetected will be very challenging, which goes back to your primary goal of making your home as unappealing of a target as possible for criminals.



    2. While Vivint security systems are most likely the primary thing that you are interested in, please don't discount the value that their home automation systems offer as well. While you may not necessarily need any of their automation systems that don't mean you won't love having them. Plus their home automation systems are in many ways another additional layer of protection that you can add to their security system. How is that? Well when you can check on your home when you aren't there, look at cameras to see if there is anyone around that shouldn't be, and remotely lock your doors that sure sounds like security features now doesn't it?

    How many times have you had that sick feeling in your stomach when you weren't home like something just wasn't right? It's happened to just about anyone, you get that creeping feeling that you left a door unlocked or that something just doesn't feel right. So what do you do about it? Well if you don't have a security system then you can either drive home and check on things, or you can hope that everything is okay and that there won't be any problems when you get home. Or if you have a Vivint Home Utah system you can avoid these types of feelings altogether. Not only will you know that there isn't a problem because you Vivint security system would have warned you, you can also double check by simply logging in from your smartphone. The peace of mind of knowing that there is an electronic barrier protecting your home and family and that a team of experts is making sure that barrier hasn't been breached is the ultimate peace of mind.

    People often speak of a simpler time when you could go to bed at night and leave your front door unlocked. Even if that time ever really existed it's long gone now and it isn't coming back. The world has become a dark and dangerous place full of opportunistic predators. These predators don't want to get up and to work each day and earn what they want. Instead, they want to act like criminals and try to take what others have worked for. They want to break into your home and steal from you, and those are the good criminals. The ones that are the most dangerous are the ones that don't want to steal from you and your family, instead, they feel a sick and twisted need to hurt others. The point here is that if you want to be safe and keep your family safe you need to do more than just lock your doors at night. You need a home security system, but not just any home security system. You need a home security system you can count on, that uses the latest technology, that is monitored by a team of experts, and that you can also afford. That means you have a very simple choice to make. You can choose to get a Vivint Home Security system or you can choose to continue living your life knowing that your home and family are not protected from the dangerous criminals of the world.

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    Vivint Home Infographic

    Are you a visual person, and not as interested in reading long articles? Well, we have just what the Dr ordered ... Here is our comprehensive Vivint Home Infographic! 

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