Don't overlook one of your homes biggest security vulnerabilities

    When looking at home security one area that is particularly vulnerable in most homes are sliding glass doors. There are many reasons why burglars love sliding glass doors and they all come down to one thing, they make a home much easier to break into. Are you aware that it takes most experienced burglars less than a minute to break into most homes? Less than a minute. That means in many cases a criminal will target your home, and be in and out so fast that there's almost no chance of him being caught. Then of course there is the added threat of what happens should you or a family member walk in on them while they are committing their crime. The bottom line is that for the safety of your family, and the security of your home and property, you need to understand the different vulnerabilities of sliding glass doors and how you can solve the problem. Still not convinced? Well in 2015 there were over 8 million different crimes related to break ins in the U.S.? That should alarm you, and that should show you why it's so important that you take the security of your home seriously. Below we will go over why burglars love sliding glass doors and how you can fix each of these potential problems.


    1. They Are Easily Broken Or Knocked Off Their Track
    Another reason that sliding glass doors present unique home security challenges is that they are made from glass and are easy to break, and they are also easy to knock off their track.

    Fortunately, there are ways to help overcome these vulnerabilities. When it comes to the solutions presented below keep in mind that some are designed to prevent a door from being knocked off its track while others are designed to help keep the glass from breaking. So, you will have to use both options if you want to keep your glass door secure.

    To keep the door from being knocked off its track you can buy a sliding glass door bar, or create one yourself. You can do this with a simple wooden dowel to keep it in place. This is a low cost and simple solution that is very effective. If you want something a little bit more secure you can use a home security window bars.

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    This bar is adjustable and is made from sturdy PVC making it an easy to use option to keep your door in place.

    What about keeping someone from just breaking the glass? Well, then you can use Glass Window & Door security film.

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    This film easily applied, is clear, and is very difficult to get through. In fact, it can take a lot of strikes before it finally fails, which means that any burglar trying to get into your home will be working at it for quite a while. Since criminals don't like to get caught there's a good chance they will hit the door once, realize there is security film in place, then simply decide to leave before they get caught.



    2. They Use Simple Locks

    Let's say that you are careful and you always make sure to close and lock the door because home security is a priority for you. Well, you've done more than a lot of people, but it's still not nearly enough. The latches on sliding doors are very simple and they are easy to overcome. Are you aware that by simply shaking and wiggling a sliding door you can often bypass its latch? So, what do you do about this glaring vulnerability in your home security?

    One option is that you can get a Sliding Door Loop Lock.

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    Made of specially hardened steel this lock is easy to install at the bottom or the top of your door. It then acts as a secondary lock that is another layer of defense that will help to keep intruders out. Now the downside here is that installing this lock will take some time, tools, and effort on your part. But that's a small price to pay for keeping your home secure, now isn't it? Another option to fix this problem is to get a Keyed Patio Door Lock.

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    This is an easy to install lock, it is made well, and it is designed to keep a door from being wiggled loose. It does this by locking plate on the bottom of your door. On top of everything else it has a key that gives it an added layer of protection.



    3. Burglars Can See Right Through Them Making Your Valuables a Tempting Target
    If there's one thing burglars love, it's the ability to see into a home before they make their move. This lets them know if a home is worth breaking into, and if they decide to move on it then it also shows them what items they should be targeting. A sliding door also lets a burglar know if there is anyone home, so basically when it comes to home security it is a major problem.

    One solution is using a Window Film.

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    Similar in function to a glass shower door, this unique window film will allow light to pass through but will obscure anyone from outside your home being able to see through the door. Remember that criminals are looking for an easy score and they don't like surprises. If they can't see through your glass door and see what's inside they may just decide to move along to the next house.

    Another solution are panel track shades.

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    One of the biggest benefits of these shades is that they look very nice and will fit in with the decor of most homes. They are also impossible to see through so any burglar attempting to peak through your glass door will find it an impossible task. While they do take more effort to put up than window film the extra effort is often warranted given the benefits that they provide.

    4. Sliding Glass Doors Aren't Easily Seen From The Street

    One thing that all burglars have in common is that they don't want to get caught. This is another reason why they love sliding glass doors, most of them are in the rear of a house and are not easily seen by others. This gives burglars the opportunity to scope out your house, take their time, and then get the door opened without being seen.

    One solution here is to get a sliding glass door alarm.

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    While not a substitute for a lock and other security measures it is a warning system that will let you know when one of the bad guys opens your back door. This alarm is very easily installed and when it goes off there's a good chance it will scare the burglar away. Even if it doesn't you have been alerted so you can call for help and take other defensive measures as well.

    Another option here is a glass break and vibration detection alarm.



    Sliding doors are vulnerable largely because they are made of glass. If a burglar wants to break a door to get into your home do you think they are going to aim for the solid core door at the front of the house in plain view? Or are they going to go around back and break the glass door? That's right, the glass door is the far more obvious target, and this alarm detects the sound of breaking glass and goes off, giving you the warning you need to know that there is danger in your home.


     We also did a video review of how to secure your sliding glass doors as well!!!